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Use Edible Images for Cakes to Make Your Cake Unique

Updated on January 19, 2011

Edible Images for Cakes Make a Cake Unique

 When it comes to a cake for a special occasion you want that cake to be unique, though often in cake terms unique can mean expensive. By using edible images for cakes you neatly take care of both of these issues as edible cake pictures are inexpensive and, because they are from your own photos, completely unique.

Edible cake images are made from printing edible ink onto a frosting sheet. The frosting sheet itself in effectively a thin sheet of icing stuck onto backing paper or plastic.

The you want printed is arranged on a computer as you would any image but is then printed onto the edible frosting sheet via a printer which takes edible inks.

When needed the frosting sheet is removed from its backing and placed on the cake. Edible images can be used on either buttericing as they do or sugarpaste cake coverings.

Photo Cakes

 Photo cakes are far and away the most popular use for an edible image, as they are instantly transported from being an ordinary cake to something spectacular.

Photo cakes can be humorous, such as printing a baby photo onto a 21st cake, they can be romantic, for example using a wedding photo for a silver wedding cake, or they can be used to evoke memories of events such as an old school photo on a reunion cake.

Equally they can be used to display a picture of the birthday boy or girl on their cake so everyone knows who to sing Happy Birthday too, and with today's technology it's easy to create borders and insert characters to make a truly unique cake image.

Hen Party Cupcakes with Edible Images

Fun Photo Cupcakes

 Edible icing sheets also come in cupcake form so you can make photo cupcakes.

Because of they way the icing is cut on the sheets the cupcake versions can be hard to remove from the backing plastic.

There are a couple of ways around this ~ one is to put the icing sheet in the freezer for about 15 seconds, then use a very sharp filleting knife to edge around the icing discs before prising them of the sheet.

The other method (and the one I use) is to always print onto a full size A4 frosting sheet i.e. if you wanted 12 cupcake toppers you would repeat the design 12 times on one sheet. Roll out the fondant and lay the whole sheet across it, then use a cookie cutter to cut out the cupcake toppers ~ this way you can also have a multitude of different shaped cupcake toppers i,e, stars, diamonds, scalloped edge circles etc ~ much more fun and and much easier than wrestling with a cupcake sheet.


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