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Use of Olive Oil in Cooking

Updated on October 19, 2015


As a matter of fact Olive oil is enormously healthy. It is full of fatty acids as well as powerful antioxidants that is proved by scientist. Olive oil has been the basic oil for cooking for some great foods as well.

Benefits of Olive Oil in Cooking

Olive oil contains high monounsaturated fats

• The best part is that Olive oil contains mostly monounsaturated fatty acids which show good resistance to heating due to which it is considered to be a good for cooking. There is a very little percentage of damage-prone polyunsaturated fats in Olive oil which makes it less harmful.

Olive oil provides good resistance to Oxidative damage

• In general when oil oxidizes it reacts with oxygen resulting in the formation of many harmful compounds. Olive oil contains anti-oxidants in high quantity but also has a low quantity of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Moreover Olive oil does not oxidize to produce harmful compounds unlike other cooking oils such as sunflower oil or mustard oil.

So we all know olive oil can survive in long time under high temperature, there will not be be an issue.

High smoke point Involve in – Olive Oil?

• The temperature at which oil degrades in the heat to produce smoke is called the smoke point of the oil. This can be explained with an example of virgin Olive oil which has a high smoke point of around 200 degrees Celsius. This property of the Olive oil makes it an ideal choice for cooking methods.

Frying in Olive Oil Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

• People who eat food fried in olive oil have a lower risk of heart disease or untimely death. Moreover it has been proved by one of the studies that people who regularly use Olive oil for cooking or salad dressing had a lower risk of stroke compared to people who use sunflower oil or mustard oil.

• Olive oil is high in calories but it has proved to be a boon for Obesity and helps to control it very effectively.

• Olive oil also helps in diseases like Osteoporosis as high intake of this oil improves the calcification of bones. This great oil helps in the absorption of calcium due to which it is vital in helping people suffering from Osteoporosis.

• In addition the use of Olive oil in your diet can drastically reduce the risk of type 2 Diabetes. Studies have proved that a Mediterranean style diet rich in Olive oil helps to reduce risk of type 2 diabetes diseases.

• Very good news about Olive oil is that its regular consumption keeps your heart stay younger. The arteries inside our body grow with age which may not function well as before but the use of olive can improve the arterial function of the elderly people. This has been very well proved by the Spanish researchers.


Thus we see that there are many benefits if we involve the use of Olive oil in our daily cooking. This oil is light and has no side effects at all. Feel free to use it!


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