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How to Use up your leftover bread easy recipes, Bread and Butter Pudding and a Tuscan La Panzanella

Updated on January 16, 2018
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Italy and its food is something that Tony treasures. His recipes are filled with passion and a love of food.

Wow I can't wait to cut into this
Wow I can't wait to cut into this | Source

Bread and Butter

Hi welcome, come on in and enjoy the warmth of our hearth.

My friend and I often have cook nights, and we also like to bake bread; there is sometimes odd bits of various loaves left over, so what to do with it.

One of the answers is an old favourite ‘Bread and Butter Pudding’. Fabio is from Tuscany and comes from a family of bakers, one of his grandma’s favourite uses of slightly stale bread is a salad dish called ‘La Panzanella.’ She said there are a great deal of recipes for dry bread, because bread was such an important part of the Tuscan diet and when were people were too poor to throw anything away they came up with lots of recipes for using it up.

Bread and Butter pudding

What you need for the Bread and Butter pudding.

A quantity of stale bread, I had all sorts of bits left over, so I just fit them into my oven proof dish. You can if you are using slices of bread, butter them which is quite traditional, but I was using all sorts of shapes and sizes.

use any slightly stale bread
use any slightly stale bread | Source


Sultanas are also traditional, but I’ve used apple, dates, even candied peal in the past in my dishes.

3 eggs.

1 ½ pint of milk.

1 tablespoon of milk powder. This will help thicken and enrich the custard.

50 gms of sugar.

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let the custard soak awhile
let the custard soak awhile | Source

A classic all time favourite Pudding

Pre-heat your oven to 180ºc.

In an oven proof dish layer your bread, butter it if you wish, adding the fruit in amongst the bread.

Beat the eggs and sugar and slowly add the milk. I always use a teaspoon of vanilla essence too. Pour the mixture over the bread and let it stand for 20 minutes.

Sprinkle a little nutmeg on the top and bake for 30 minutes, or until golden brown.

Fabio said they often use up the panettone in this way, I intend to make a panettone just to try this, because it sounds great.

You can serve it warm or cold, with extra cream or yogurt, I love hot custard on mine.

Chef's tip

Stale bread can also be used for breadcrumbs of course I have a few recipes already published here on hubs, take a look at them too.

Dry out your old bread on a baking tray and then when you are cooking, place them on the bottom of your oven to really dry them, and then whizz them in your blender and when they are cool keep them in an airtight container. They keep for weeks.

La Panzanella

Tuscan bread salad.

You should have seen the state of the old family cookbook we used for this, it was Fabio’s g-great grandmother’s and looked as if it had been used as a mat a few times.

I know his mother pretty well and she was telling me as she handed over the book with a look of you, damage this and it’s your head on the block, that during the second world war they had to use everything however stale and old it might be. She was definitely not a fan of Mussolini and blamed him for everything.

On With The Salad

On with the salad.

Your slightly stale bread, by that I mean anything that is a couple of days old, unless it is supermarket bread and then it is stale before you buy it.

4-6 medium tomatoes, chopped and cut into quarters.

A white onion sliced as thin as you can.

Cucumber, finely sliced.

Fresh herbs, whatever you have on the windowsill or in the garden.

Extra-virgin oil.

Course sea salt and a little pepper.

Black and green olives, or perhaps some bell peppers finely chopped and to give it a little zing what about adding some fresh chilli or jalapenos.

Pine nuts, sunflower and toasted almonds. Give these a little crushing in a mortis and pestle.

Soak the bread in some seasoned water, add a little oil and then squeeze it out into a ball. Crumble it into a bowl, add your salad and herbs, and then sprinkle the nut mix and a little oil over the top. Perhaps you could even grate some cheese and sprinkle that as well.

Give it all a good mixing and leave it to stand for an hour or so, this will allow the flavours to mix and blend.

You can also try this salad with ham, extra cheese and ham, tuna; another vegetarian variation would be to use some really chunky mushrooms. There are tons of variations.

Serve it with fresh bread.


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