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Uses Of Coconut Tree From Roots To Fruits

Updated on March 1, 2015

Most of us love the fresh coconut juice as it is refreshing. But not only the coconut fruit itself is beneficial in use as there are other things that can be made from the coconut, from its roots to the fruits.

Here are other coconut made products that can be made from the so called "Tree of Life." As I imagine it, one can put up a shelter and have a source of food.

Now, let's start with the coconut leaves first shall we?

The coconut midribs are used in making brooms and could be a fun activity for the family. I like watching my grandmother and mom scrape off the green or brown coconut leaves and get the midribs, making them neat and clean and with enough midribs, it will then be tied up all together with a string. This broomstick are commonly used in the Philippines being used into sweeping the yards. Making the brooms also provides livelihood for those who lives in the coconut grove by selling it in the market.

Now we would go with preparing the midribs.


Broomstick making

There were some times I remember watching my mom but mostly my grandmother making broomstick. And it does takes some time to gather enough midribs needed but with another helping hand, it will lessen the time.

With a sharp knife, coconut leaves are scrape off and the midribs are taken. When there's enough midribs to make the broomstick, it then tied up and cutting the soft ends of the broomstick is suggested for it to work well.

Another use for the coconut leaves is that it is use to wrap favorite Filipino delicacies made off glutinous rice such as the suman sa ibos.

Coconut leaves use to wrap suman sa ibos.
Coconut leaves use to wrap suman sa ibos. | Source

The dried flowers is use as fire starter and so is the coconut spathe and the husk. There was a time back then that we had used the coconut husk instead of woods. My younger brother and I would be waiting for mom and dad to come home picking up coconut husk and spathe from the nearby coconut grove. Just before twilight they would arrive with sacks full of husks.

Dad would then chop the husk and dry the husk under the sun. Once it was ready, the spathe and husk would be use as our firewood.

Coconut husk used to shine the floor either with or without using floor wax.
Coconut husk used to shine the floor either with or without using floor wax. | Source

Coconut husk for floor scrubbing

One more use for coconut husk, I'm not sure if it is still in use these days, but I think it is. What was it? The coconut husk is use to scrub and shine the floor!

When I was in grade school, each class rows are assigned to do the morning cleaning of our classroom. And that would include erasing the blackboard, cleaning the eraser, sweeping and.... mopping?!No, not mopping because instead of mopping the floor, we would use the coconut husk with floor wax which leaves the floor shiny and slippy after a work of scrubbing.

That is just one of other uses of the coconut husk. It can also be used in planting to serve as pots. While the husk fibers are great fire starters and makes a good hanging baskets, I remember seeing my grandmother using it with wood ash to clean pots and pans.

What about the meat and fresh coconut juice?

Aside from being naturally sweet, the coconut juice doesn't only quench thirst but provides fiber which helps for a good bowel movement. It is also used to treat or prevent dehydration as it can be absorb easily by our body. With the calcium and protein that we get from drinking the coconut juice that helps on our body's maintenance and strong bones and teeth, it is more than refreshing, it is beneficial as well.

And while the juice gives us something to drink when we're thirsty, the meat provides us food and is also use to make coconut milk for cooking, grated meat could be used as dessert topping and is used to make coconut oil.

The wood

The first thing that I could think of are those coconut bridge! When it rains, it pours and it is true as when it rains in the Philippines, expect flooding. And coconut bridges can be seen used to cross rivers or to get across roads where there is flooding. Sometimes these woods are simply use as paths so one wouldn't have to walk on the muddy soil going to school or work.


A lot of other things could be made from the coconut wood too such as chairs, it can also be use on building the nipa hut and makes a good post that's why some people prefers the coconut wood instead of bamboo.

And to list all the coconut made products:


* doormat

* cabinet

* tool shed

* decorations



* ladle can be made from the shell

* dessert from young coconut meat

* vinegar

* wine

* coconut milk

* charcoal

* planters

* hanging basket

* candies

* cosmetics

* bottled coconut juice drinks

* oil


From the coconut leaves one can make

* dessert wrappers

* decorations

* hat

* basket

* nipa hut walls

* mat

* and broomstick from the midribs


* dye making

* medicine

* mouthwash

And with all these products made from the coconut, no wonder it is called or known as the "Tree of Life."


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    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 4 years ago from USA

      Yeah, you can use every part of this tree :) Also had seen my parents made massage oil from the pulps. :) Thanks for dropping by and commenting CenterAll72

    • CenterAll72 profile image

      CenterAll72 4 years ago from New York

      This opened my eyes to how all the parts of the Coconut Tree is used. Americans need to learn how valuable this Tree really is.

    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 5 years ago from USA

      @ Dr. Funom Makama: Thank you ^-^' Of all those that can be made from the tree, I'd always go with the food specially desserts :)

      @ Sacramentobbroker: Yeah, I believed I had mentioned most if not all. :) Thank you for dropping by and reading.

    • profile image

      sacramentobbroker 5 years ago

      I like the details. You got it all covered. Keep up the good work. Great hub. Thanks for sharing.