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Utility of Salt and Peppers Mills

Updated on October 12, 2017

No fine dining experience is complete without the seasoning of salt, pepper or spices. Then there are of those of us who want more of these ingredients than the others. That is why a salt and pepper mill is a must on all dining tables.

Today these are not just holders for these spices with tiny holes to sprinkle them on to our meals but they are salt and pepper-mills that actually grind the salt and spices to bring out the stimulating aroma of freshly ground spices.

How to Choose the Salt & Pepper Mill

Now what should we look for when we go shopping to buy a salt pepper mill? A product that simply does the job or a product that can take pride of place on your dining table. I would go for the latter.

A product with superior quality glass and a top notch grinding unit in preferably stainless steel to add some shine to the table! We can do with some style here.

The other thing to look for here is that the spice mill should be able to grind with precision whether the grains of salt or spices are large or small. A set with adjustable grinders which can offer two grinding options would be preferable.

One must also look to see if the hand grips are easy to operate when you want refill the jars. A product that fulfills these requirements should be a happy buy!

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