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No Longer your Parent's Blender

Updated on August 11, 2014

Does new mean better?

Do you recognize the image on the left? If you are like many in this country this was one of the most popular blenders for our parents, perhaps even our grandparents. It was billed as a blender that would last for life and honestly it has for most people. As my fiancé and I were working on our wedding registry we debated if we should put on a new blender when this one seems to work pretty well. We had used it for a few Margarita parties and even blending for a few Chocolate Mouse recipes. As you can probably guess after visits to several stores we opted to take the leap and have not looked back.

Image Credit: "Funny Farm"

What can you do with a blender?

First before we talk about which is the best blender, lets talk about why you even need a blender. Sure those Margarita parties are important and having something that can crush ice is probably the best known reason for a blender, perhaps that or a fruit smoothy; but there is so much more these appliances can do.

Looking for a quick easy meal, sometimes soups are the answer. Being able to add a few simple ingredients and making tasty soups can make dieting or just simple meals incredibly easy.

Similar to soups, sometimes the key to a great party is a fantastic home made dip. Making exotic and exciting dips is a snap with a great blender. Many times these can be made healthier and cheaper than what you buy in a store.

This is just a few things you can make in this new breed of blenders.

My new favorite kitchen appliance

Vitamix 5200 Blender, Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz. Container, Black
Vitamix 5200 Blender, Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz. Container, Black

While a bit more expensive than the other Vitamix's the container is a bit shorter and wider making it easier to pour and much more storable under cabinets or wherever you store your appliance. Extremely powerful and very quiet. Amazing blender and so much more!


Why the Vitamix?

Being open with you, Vitamix is one of the more expensive blenders out there and while this doesn't always make it the best, in this case it certainly justifies the price. Here are the top 4 reasons why we love the Vitamix:

1) One of the most powerful blenders on the market. Easily able to crush everything that is places inside and turn into a smooth and not gritty consistency. You would be surprised by how difficult this really is to get very thin consistency in smoothies or soups. Vitamix does this so well it is even the blender used in all Jamba Juices.

2) Also one of the quietest. The last thing you want to do when you have company over is start an appliance that sounds like you are jack hammering concrete. I think we have al experienced going to someone's house or a restaurant where they have an old fashion blender and once they add ice to crush it stops all conversation as everyone waits for the blender to be turned off. Absolutely no fun. The Vitamix not only has a quiet set of blades but also a rubber base that reduces the noise of the container rattling on the base.

3) Compact size: There is always the battle between compact size and useable sizes when it comes to kitchen appliances. Vitamix licked this challenge by continuing with their 32oz container but making it shorter and wider allowing for vastly easier storage of the appliance when you are not using it and actually easier to use and pour since it feels more like a milk container than a top heavy cylinder. I didn't think this would make that much of a difference, but boy did it ever!

4) One of the few with a stirring rod. No matter how powerful the blender, at some point you are going to add items that may not blend perfectly on their own. We have all experimented with shaking the blender, but most times we simply stop it, remove the top, stir it with a spoon and turn it back on. The Vitamix has an opening in the lid and a precisely measured stirring stick that can go in and stir without ever touching the blades, while it is on! We were a bit reluctant the first few times, but after we learned to trust the Vitamix engineers, we have used it every time without concern. Not a common feature, but one that comes in very handy.

Which is your blender?

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What is your opinion? Do you use your blender and if so for what?

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