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Updated on May 15, 2016

Hello everybody I will love to share my cooking knowledge with all of you !

I have lots off recipes for raw vegan,vegan and vegetarian food,I have more then 25 years experience , I love cooking doesn't meters for family or restaurant,I live in Moscow Russia when I come here people ask me how can you live without meat ,it was very difficult that time,because very less vegetables,but now lots of supermarkets you can find lots off vegetables and fruits,but most important how to live a healthy lifestyle,what to have when you have allergy? ,or mostly people after 40 and kids have less hemoglobin problems, and most importance for all ladies how to lose weight and looks pretty,what to eat what to drink? Most important for everyone for all ages,how to live healthy life?

(1) sleeping on time

(2) eating on time

(3) toilet on time

This all threes thinks very important for each person,if you want to live healthy lifestyle you have to follow doesn't matter you are vegetarian or non vegetarian !


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