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Updated on June 30, 2011


After having dinner at a friends house I realized that everyone can not cook asparagus. I love this vegetable very much and to destroy it as it was, made me very sad. The spears were mushy and the stalk was like chewing straw.I love my friend but she really botched that up royally. So the good friend that I am, the next day I emailed her with the proper way to prepare such a nutritious veggie.After that I decided there had to be others that need this same advice so heres what I have learned.

The asparagus

Bundle of Green asparagus
Bundle of Green asparagus | Source
Flowering asparagus
Flowering asparagus

To cut or snap

My way of getting rid of the tough stalk is to snap it off. It should break at the point where the stalk becomes woody. If it still looks a little fibrous than I will use the knife. You should cut only to the point where the green color starts to fade or turns to dark purple. Don't throw away the trimmings,they are good for making a stock or broth.

If your stalks are very fibrous or fat you may have to peel them (greater than 1/2 inches in diameter). Peeling will help even out cooking time for the stalks.To peel just lay flat,grasp by tip and about two inches from tip start removing stalk lengthwise. I feel that a vegetable peeler works best.

Whether you choose fat or than asparagus its a matter of preference and/or whats available in the store.Large spears are from young more vigorous plants, while the small ones are from older plants or plants that have been planted to close together.

Asparagus is loaded with niacin, phosphorous, potassium, protein, and vitamin C.

It has been called sparrow grass and spear age.


The best way to store asparagus is to cut off the bottom of the stalk and stand them upright in 1 inch of cool water. Cover loosely with a plastic bag and store in the refrigerator up to 3 days. You can also wrap the bases in a damp paper towel, enclose in a plastic bag and refrigerate.

Germans love the aspargus

White asparagus at open market in Germany
White asparagus at open market in Germany

Growing white asparagus

Picking the white asparagus
Picking the white asparagus

Did you know

During the Spargelsaison or Season of White Asparagus the Germans unite in their devotion to this delicate and delicious vegetable. Its first appearance is in mid-April and they are harvest at dawn.

They are white because they are grown inside a mound of dirt so that no sunlight reaches them.Any sunlight will turn the asparagus purple.


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