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Valentines Day Chocolates

Updated on November 11, 2011

Are you thinking of giving your sweetie chocolate for Valentines Day this year? This site includes the best chocolate gifts on line. If you are looking for fine chocolates, Belgium chocolates, Ghirardelli chocolates then be sure to browse this site! Valentines Day is one of the best days for giving chocolate! Last year it is estimated we gave over one billion dollar's worth of chocolate to our loved ones. In 2001 we consumed over 3.1 billion pounds of chocolate. Why is chocolate a favorite on Valentine's Day? It is said to be one of the great human indulgences and is supposed to symbolize deep love and passion. And oh yes, chocolate is thought of as an aphrodisiac!

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells Perles d' Ocean, 8.82 oz

When thinking of fine chocolates, Belgium chocolates come to mind! And Guylian chocolates are the world's leader in Belgium chocolates! Belgium chocolates are well know for their signature seashell shapes filled with hazelnut praline filling Guylian chocolates are made from 100% cocoa butter. The Guylian chocolatiers boast they will not accept substandard vegetable oils in creating their confections. The  Guylian Belgium Chocolates hazelnut recipie was  created from the founding father in the sixties. The Guylian Belgium Chocolate Sea Shells Pearl D Ocean is a n 8 ounce box filled with 22 pieces of the hazelnut praline confection. It makes a thoughtful Valentines day gift!

Giving the gift of  Chocolate definately shows your sweatheart you care! This reasonably priced tin includes some of Godiva's finest chocolates as well as other sweet treats!  In this tin there are:Almond Roca Butter Toffee Cookies, classic Butter Shortbread Cookies, everybodys favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies, Café Comforts Chocolate Supreme Cocoa, sweet and spicy Chipotle Almonds, Butter Toffee Popcorn, Chocolate Wafer Cookies, luscious Lindt Chocolate Truffles, Guiylan Belgian Chocolates, Strawberry bonbons and Very Special Chocolate Truffles.  This gift can include a personalized card if you wish

 Ghirardelli chocolates are not just for baking anymore!  The Ghirardelli company has been around for over 150 years making premium chocolate!  The company takes pride in only selecting the best cocoa beans for their confection. Their website boasts over 40% of beans are rejected. The Ghirardelli Chocolate Red Valentine's Day Gift Tier offers a unique chocolate gift for your sweetie.  The 26 piece gift tower includes: 15 Squares Chocolates  of Milk & Caramel, Dark 60% Cacao and Dark and Mint.  There are also 6 Intense Dark Chocolate Singles  including 60% Evening Dream, 72% Twilight Delight, 86% Midnight Reverie.  Also included are 5 semisweet nonpareils. 

 The Lindt Chocolatiers have been around since 1845.  This fine Swiss Chocolate is sure to melt in your mouth! The Chocolatier at Lindt have perfected a 5 sense of Chocolate method.  This Method tells the chocolatier if the chocolate is up to Lindt standards.  Sight: First the finished product has to have an even matte sheen. Touch:  Next the chocolate has to have a smooth and silky surface.  Sound: If the chocolate makes a good " snap" when broken it is a sign of good quality. Smell: This chocolate is said to have over 400 pleasing aromas.  And finely taste.  Lindt chocolatiers boast their chocolate has a rich satisfying taste.

This 21 piece heart is full of individually wrapped heart milk chocolates that will just melt in your mouth!

Heart Shaped Truffle Assortment - 9 piece chocolate truffles

 This nine piece exquisite chocolate truffle assortment is made by Old Naples Chocolate.  Old Naples Chocolate is located in Naples Florida and has been around for 23 years.  This company specializes in Beach Themed Wedding chocolates but also does chocolates for Baby showers and birthdays. The Heart Shaped truffle assortment is like a work of art.  Each individual piece is a heart shape that are decorated and placed in colorful candy paper.  These particular chocolate truffles have Premium Dark chocolate with Orange, Raspberry, Chocolate and Espresso centers.  The nine truffles arrive in a red box.

Gift Box Of 9 Oreo's Chocolate Valentines Day Assortment

 Can't decide between cookies or chocolate for your sweetie this year?  Then get both! These are yummy Oreo Cookies dipped in your choice of dark chocolate or milk chocolate. These chocolate covered cookies are decorated in valentine hearts, kisses and sprinkles.  This delicious confection is placed in a see through box so that all will be envious of your gift or at least wanting to share!

Fancy Dark Chocolate Marzipan Hearts - 24 pcs

 Marzipan is a blend of almonds and sugar that is molded into decorative forms and then smothered in chocolate.  The Marzipan house has been making chocolates for over ten years and has perfected their recipe. It is handmade in small batches to ensure quality.The fancy Marzipan chocolate hearts is made form the finest almonds and Belgian chocolate. The 24 hearts are drizzled with colored milk chocolate. The hearts are made of all natural almond marzipan and are covered with the finest Belgian chocolate.

 If your sweetie has a sweet tooth for chocolate but can't handle the sugar, might I suggest Valentine's Day LOVE sugar free Belgian Dark Chocolate Bars. A Bountiful Harvest brings us  five white chocolate candy bars for us to enjoy. The Chocolate bars feature molded hearts and the word LOVE.  The set of five comes in a gold box with a clear top and is decorated with a red bow.  A perfect gift for someone who can't have sugar or is watching their diet.

Chocolate has been and will always be a favorite Valentine's Day Gift. I hope you were able to find a chocolaty treat for your sweetheart!.  And if you are buying for yourself, just do what I do and wait until February 15th ;) Happy Valentine's Day!


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    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 7 years ago from Wv

      now there are some sugar free chocolates for sale here Lita!

    • Lita C. Malicdem profile image

      Lita C. Malicdem 7 years ago from Philippines

      I love chocolates, too, but they don't go well on me, I'm diabetic. I'm contented by just looking at them here. Delicious!

    • My Digest profile image

      My Digest 7 years ago


    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 7 years ago from Wv

      I would give the world chocolate if I could!

    • My Digest profile image

      My Digest 7 years ago

      Can I have the Lindt please??? Can I send my address? LOL just kidding. Happy hearts day. :) I love chocolates!

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 8 years ago

      I am smacking my lips together with pleasure.