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Vegan Recipe Guide

Updated on October 27, 2014
Including more raw green foods in our diet improves our health tremendously.
Including more raw green foods in our diet improves our health tremendously. | Source

Who Can Use This Vegan Recipe Guide?

'It takes only one person to change your life --- you.' Ruth Casey

We can take it a step further and say that it is up to 'You' to also change the life of other sentient beings by choosing a compassionate alternatives whenever possible. We have to not only think of being compassionate towards others but also ourselves. We have to be mindful that we are feeding our bodies with the foods that are best for its sustenance and well-being.

This Vegan Recipe Guide is for:

  • meat/fish eaters who are concerned about the planet
  • meat/fish eaters who are concerned about their health
  • people who would like to change to a healthier diet to prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
  • vegetarians who eat dairy and egg products but want to do their bit for the planet by including vegan meals occasionally.
  • vegetarians who want to become vegans
  • vegans who want to remain vegan

Check out the website for more information. You can start your own campaign.
Check out the website for more information. You can start your own campaign. | Source

Have you heard about Meatless Monday before?

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Observe Meatless Mondays or One Vegan Meal a Day

There are two steps we can all take. We can start by eating only vegetarian food on Mondays or adding one vegan meal a day:

  • Meatless Mondays
  • One Vegan Meal a Day

Deciding to go meat-less ( and seafood-less) once a week will reduce our risk of many preventable diseases and help save precious natural resources and many animal/fish lives in a year. Meatless Monday was a campaign started during the World War I in the USA, on their website it is pointed out that:

In November 1917, New York City hotels saved some 116 tons of meat over the course of just one week. According to a 1929 Saturday Evening Post article, “Americans began to look seriously into the question of what and how much they were eating. Lots of people discovered for the first time that they could eat less and feel no worse – frequently for the better”.

It was started again in 2003 and Meatless Monday is now an international movement with many other countries joining to make a difference. Nations are reducing their carbon footprint by encouraging such practices.

Benefits of Meatless Monday and One Vegan Meal

Health Benefits
Environmental Benefits
One Vegan Meal
Limits Cancer Risk
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Saves about 3000 gallons of water
Reduces Heart Disease
Minimize Water Usage
saves 16 pounds of grain
Fights Diabetes
Reduce Fossil Fuel Dependence
Saves money and your health
Curbs Obesity
You Live Longer
Improves Your Diet

Vegan Spagetti Recipe with Kidney Bean Balls

How to Veganize a Recipe

The next step is to find out how to substitute our favorite dishes with meat-free, dairy-free, egg-free alternatives. You can start by adapting your favorite recipes and this will make your new diet much easier to follow.

  • Substitute plant ingredients for major animal-product ingredients in a recipe
  • Replace minor animal-product ingredients with plant ingredients or leave them out.
  • Soy products instead of dairy products.
  • Tofu instead of meat, fish, cheese or eggs.
  • Vegetarian alternatives to meat such as vegetarian sausages made from soy or beans.

Vegetarian and Vegan Starter Kits

Are you wondering where and how to start making delicious vegan dishes? Are you worried if you will get adequate vitamins and minerals and other essential foods from a plant-based diet? There is help out there.

There are many websites where you can download Vegetarian and Vegan starter kits. You can also sign up for 21-30 day kickstart programmes and receive guidance and inspiration from medical professionals and nutritionists.

When a person decides to try out a vegan diet the first question is:

  • Will I get enough calcium from non-dairy sources? The article Calcium in Plant-Based Diets explains how we can take care of our body's calcium requirements. It is part of the Vegetarian Starter Kit on the PCRM website.

Online Resources for Vegan Recipes

There are many online resources such as meal planners, an iPhone app, grocery lists you can download, etc. Check out the links below:

The 21-Day Vegan Kickstart iPhone App gives you recipes and resources to improve and regain your health and includes step-by-step recipe photos.

Vegan Recipes - Online Resources

The greatest challenge is finding recipes to stick to our decision to observe a Meatless Monday or One Vegan Meal a Day or just including healthy alternatives to what we are already eating. To a learn about how to maintain the pH of the blood and keep it alkaline see Becoming a Vegan.

Tips and Resources for Dining Out

Another important aspect of our busy lives is that we eat out often for various reasons. It is not always easy to find vegetarian or vegan alternatives. Here are some links that can help you make your decisions and choices easier:

Did you know adding plant-based foods to your diet could reduce the risk for heart disease?

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It is Up To Us to Change Our Life

The choice to change our life is solely ours. No one else can do it for us. Of course, others can support us and we can also support them to adopt a healthier diet. The old adage, 'Health is Wealth', is worth remembering. Our one decision to observe Meatless Mondays or have one Vegan Meal every day or as often as possible can make a huge difference to our health and the well-being of our planet. That is a lot of power in our hands. The Time to start is Now...


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