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Vegetable Soup Recipe – Great Health in A Small Bowl

Updated on October 28, 2014

Vegetables as you know are stores of nutrients. Moreover they are nearly devoid of fats. We get sun’s energy first through the vegetables. They are full of extremely healthy components known as salts, minerals and antioxidants. Vegetables are not only green, but also of various other colors like orange, purple, red, pink and yellow which are because of the various healthful nutrients in them. Because of the various ingredients and innate salts and sometimes sugars in them, vegetables have their own unique taste.

Various recipes of vegetables can be prepared, out of which vegetable soups are ones which give us the benefits of a large amount of vegetables in a bowl or two. If we try to eat a solid preparation of vegetables, we cannot eat more than ½ to 1 kg at a time. But through soups, we can consume the healthy ingredients of even 2 to 3 kg in a serving. That is the beauty of vegetable soup.

Thick Soup
Thick Soup

Thick Soups

Roughly soups of any kind can be divided into thick and clear. The thick soup is made substantial with the addition of flour, chunks of veggies and other foods, noodles, cream, cheese, bread crumbs, butter, etc. These are good not as appetizers but as meals.

Besides if you are on a weight-loss program, they are totally useless.

Clear Soup
Clear Soup

Diet Soups

If you want to take soup in your diet for minimizing calories, you should prefer clear soups. They are the pure extracts of vegetables and are nutritious and low-calorie in a true sense. If you consume a bowl of clear soup before having your meal, you can definitely lose weight. This is because, it checks overeating and provides almost all the healthy ingredients.

Soup With Vegetables And Meat
Soup With Vegetables And Meat

How to Make an Easy Vegetable Soup

Thick Soup With Chuck Of Vegetables And Meat

You can have pure vegetarian soup or can add non-vegetarian ingredients to the vegetable soup. If your soup is purely vegetarian, it contains only salts and minerals, whereas if it has meat in it, it contains protein and zinc too.

You can have thick soup too containing chunks of vegetables and meat. But you should take it instead of meal and not as an appetizer. You should see to it that it contains all the ingredients in proper quantity which provide you the required nutrition equal to that from your regular meal. Avoid adding ingredients that impart useless calories like butter, corn flour, cream etc. Also don’t use high amount of salt. It creates sodium-water retention and you feel bloated. Vegetables have enough amounts of inborn salts. Still if you are not satisfied with that, you can add just a little amount of salt. But it is the best, if you add no salt. You can add flavor to your soup with other ingredients like black pepper and bay leaf. They have their own benefits and they don’t bring disadvantages of salt.

How to Cook Broccoli Soup

Vegetable Soup Recipe

When you eat in a restaurant, avoid eating soups that have fattening contents like milk, butter, cream and starch. As far as possible, don’t prefer canned soups. They have more of flavoring than real nutrition. Besides because of the high amount of salt in them, there is always risk of sodium-water retention.

Best thing is create your own vegetable soup recipe which will contain pure nutrition and some added flavor which won’t add unnecessary calories. This type of vegetable soup is truly healthy and you should have it even if you are not obese in order to get full nutrition in a small bowl.


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