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Vegetable Soup or Stew Made Easy in the Microwave

Updated on June 20, 2017
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Great Recipe for Easy Stew

This recipe is for a hearty old fashioned vegetable stew or soup. The recipe is vegetarian or vegan but you can change any ingredient that you want. The beauty of this recipe is that you can add or delete any vegetable and change it as you like.

Also if you don’t want to use the microwave then the stove top will do.

Using the microwave is a lot faster and just the thing for a bachelor or anyone in a hurry. It also does not dirty up as many dishes so is easy to clean up afterwards.

Great Recipe for Easy Stew

(Written by my wife)

My husband loves to cook in the microwave and took a recipe that I had already and adapted it. It is easy and fun to make.

Here is What You Need

  • One large microwave safe bowl

  • Several potatoes. It depends on the microwave size but we use about 5 or 6.

  • Carrots. Just a couple of large ones. You can also dump some from a can if you want.

  • Celery. One or two stalks

  • Onion. I like small but my husband likes really huge ones.

  • Red pepper. You can omit this one if you want, of course my husband loved them!.

  • Any other vegetable like peas, corn, beans or whatever you would like to add.

  • Meat. The best vegetarian meat for this stew is the Morning Star breakfast Patties. They can usually be found near the frozen juice in your local supermarket. Any vegetarian, vegan, like Boca burgers or real meat can be used here.

Cut up the vegetables in a large microwave safe bowl and cook on high for about 3 minutes. Take out and stir. Repeat until vegetables are soft.

Add olive oil. My husband just dumps some in. So about ¼ of a cup.

Add V8 juice. This really adds to the flavor. Just add enough to cover the vegetables. You can decide how much you want. Make it either thick or thin. Thicker for stew. Thin for soup.

Salt and garlic powder. Just sprinkle a little in. If I were to guess it would be about one to one and half teaspoons each.

Warm it up a little after all the ingredients are added to make it hot again.

This makes yummy soup or stew! You can put in on a biscuit or pour it over brown rice to add to the tastiness of your meal.

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