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Vegetarian Montreal - A guide to Vegetarian Restaurants in Montreal

Updated on December 14, 2009

Being vegetarian in Montreal is easy

It is very easy to find great restaurants which have many vegetarian options. It is almost as easy to find many purely vegetarian restaurants on Montreal. With such a wide variety of restaurants in Montreal, you will never feel like you've exhausted all your vegetarian eatery options.

I have begun my tour of the vegetarian restaurants and can personally recommend some, and for others I can only await your response.

Vegetarian Montreal

Vegetarian Montreal
Vegetarian Montreal

Lola Rosa Café

Lola Rosa Café is found in the McGill ghetto, tucked onto a quiet street just beside the university. It can be busy at times and is quite cozy, but the food is great, there are plenty of options to satisfy vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Some choices include a hemp burger, chili, vegetarian curry, along with some more creative and inventive choices (and thus - I forgot what they are).

They also have a great selection of deserts available.

545 Milton; (514)287-9337

Yuan Vegetarian

By far the most expansive vegetarian menu I've ever had the challenge of choosing from was at Yuan Vegetarian. I also had one of my best vegetarian restaurant experiences here. It is a very large restaurant, which can hold many people. However when we were there, there were only a few other tables there, and it was very quiet and relaxing.

I had one of the combo options as listed on the front page of their menu. It was great, but I would suggest sharing a few plates amongst a group, as the bento box portion of the actual 'faux' meat doesn't seem nearly as complete as when you order the single plate. The food was great - even the 'eel'!

Our experience was finished off when the table beside ours offered us some of their special Oriental Beauty tea. They seemed to be friends of owners, and it really just made our first experience to this restaurant one that we won't forget.

400 Sherbrooke Est (St-Denis's Corner); 514-848-0513


Commensal is a vegetarian buffet style restaurant, with a few locations in Montreal. It has a wide variety of vegetarian options, and you pay for the overall weight of your plate. (New as of Nov. 23 - Maximum Price Policy - for lunch you will never pay more than 12.95 for your plate, and for dinner the maximum price is 15.95)

This is a good option if you like to try a variety of different plates, and it is exciting at first for those vegetarians who aren't used to being able to choose from an ENTIRE buffet table.

However, I was a little disappointed in the quality of the food. It isn't somewhere I would go if I were looking for a wonderful dinner. However, since it is a buffet style eatery, it would be a great place for someone to eat solo - who isn't quite comfortable with eating alone in a typical restaurant.

Le Cagibi

Le Cagibi deserves my strongest recommendation, when taking the price into consideration. It is far cheaper than Lola Rosa. I had one of the most expensive options on the menu - the Croque Chevre - for a total of $7.25. It came with a small side salad as well.

Le Cagibi is very relaxed, with a moderately hidden back room with many more seats available. It would be easy to spend an afternoon here with a good book, and meal, and a coffee or two. If a cozy, quiet, and relaxed atmosphere is what you're after, then look no further than Le Cagibi.

The food is fresh and of high standards. Don't let the price fool you!

They are also open until 3am - and serve nachos - if you are looking for an after bar eatery.

5490 St Laurent; 514-509-1199

More vegetarian restaurants to come

Feel free to leave comments if you have tried other great vegetarian restaurants in Montreal. I'll be sure to add my commentary after I visit any new vegetarian restaurants. There are plenty more to visit in Montreal!


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    • profile image

      Quebec Wants No Part of Canada 8 years ago

      Thanks for the advice. I have found it very difficult to find vegan food in Montreal and I come here a lot to see my girlfriend.