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Venicin Cutlets

Updated on July 16, 2011

Venicin Cutlets

 This is an original recipe from my father Anthony Panzera:  He has been a deer hunter most of his life.  He is known for his specialty cooking skills.  He has a special way of cooking venicin meat.  He knows how to hang the deer, skin the deer, and butcher the deer.  He always takes the most tender part of the meat and fillets out cutlets from the hindquarters.

First you must have your pieces of meat cleaned.  When they are all ready to be pounded out, he takes a little jammer hammer, one with little forks in it, and he pounds out the cutlet on each side.  not too much, just enough to flatten it. 

He makes a mixture in a bowl.  He puts eggs, fresh parsely, fresh garlic, salt and pepper and a little oregano, some milk and parmesian cheese.

In another dish, he puts italian style bread crumbs, mixed with instant mashed potatoes.

you coat the pounded cutlet in the egg mixture, then coat each side of it with the bread crumb mixture.,

He puts olive oil.. no other kind , it will change the taste.. and gets it really hot and browns each side of the cutlet until they are golden brown.  Have a plate with paper towel on it to soak up excess oil.

This recipe is great tasting.  I like to serve it with mashed redbliss potatoes with garlic. milk and butter. 

a nice salad, garlic bread

for desert. you can have a nice keylime pie.

nice treat, if you could get over eating deer meat.  Its really good.  you could make chicken cutlets the same way.


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    • primpo profile image

      Primpo 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York

      It is good. I grew up on it, and my father once got 50 dollars for this recipe.. ! lol I thought it was worth hubbing.. thanks

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 7 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi primpo thanks for this very interesting hub and great recipe sounds yummy!