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Venturi Wine Aerator - Trash or Treasure?

Updated on July 2, 2010

At first, the concept of letting your wine "breathe" may seem snobbish, anachronistic or even frivolous. The truth is aerating wine yields improvements that are immediately apparent even to casual wine drinkers.

Desirable flavors become more vibrant, while the astringent aspects of the wine are mellowed. Aerating young wine makes it taste more comparable with aged, pricier counterparts. In addition, transferring the wine to a vessel before pouring it into a wineglass eliminates “bottle stink”, the unsavory stale aroma present when wine is uncorked.

The Venturi’s Secret Power

Sleek and mysterious, the Venturi Essential’s design looks like a transparent jet engine from a 747. But it has a more leisurely mission than launching aircraft: It aerates instantly by using a clever technique that sets it apart from traditional solutions.

Here’s how it works. As fluid moves faster, the pressure within it decreases. The Venturi uses that difference in pressure to bring in just the right amount of air. This creates a bubbling effect and sounds that are the envy of mad scientists everyone. You simply pour the contents of the bottle into the oversized shot glass-like chamber then watch the magic happen in a matter of seconds.

Hold it over a glass and pour the wine through, mixing the proper amount of air. The result is a better bouquet, richer flavor, and smoother finish.
Hold it over a glass and pour the wine through, mixing the proper amount of air. The result is a better bouquet, richer flavor, and smoother finish.

Results from the Lab

I gathered some friends and we created a little science experiment of our own to test the Venturi and see if it lives up to it’s claims. It was a blind taste test.

We poured an expensive 1997 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon ($125) and an cheap Castle Rock Carneros Pinot Noir (under $10) directly into a pair of glasses, and then poured the same bottles through the aerator first. Our tasters, who included a resident wine snob and blogger, picked the Venturi-treated wines nine of of ten times.

The pricy Cabernet became mellower and easier to drink, as the tannins were pronounced directly from the bottle. The affordable Pinot tasted more refined and the previously skunky bouquet improved drastically with some love from the Venturi.

Although it obviously will not transform garbage wines into masterpieces, we all felt the improvements were well worth the effort and modest price tag. The Venturi Essential is a top seller on as well as other online boutiques, retailing at around $40.

Press Clippings

“Orson Welles might have served no wine before its time, but when your guests arrive early (or you're just dying for a glass of Rioja), this aerator will make wine table-ready in seconds.”
—The Oprah Magazine

“The same bottle of wine treated with Vinturi was higher in overall flavor intensity and mouthfeel…higher in red color intensity and overall aroma intensity…more true to type and of higher quality.”

“Wine gadget ‘magically’ lives up to its advertising”
—The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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