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Vermont Hard Cider HEIRLOOM

Updated on June 8, 2015

Champlain Orchard Cidery

Firstly, this was an exceptional cider in composition and the company shared in its consumption.

I immediately noticed the great bubbles off the pour from the bottle, and then that rose from the bottom of my glass. The initial vibrancy supplied by the carbonation was followed by a nice, clean taste that was dry but not underwhelming.

There was nothing sweet about this cider and it was in fact a bit tart, perfect for the warm summer evening it was enjoyed on.

The taste that lingered on the palate was soft with a slight tang to it.

Perfect for warm days or nights due to the nice sharp, clean taste and the fun bubbles. This might also be a nice alternative for a celebratory drink if you want to get away from the traditional champagne.

Champlain Orchards Cidery

HEIRLOOM : Vermont Hard Cider
HEIRLOOM : Vermont Hard Cider

Cider Shared Among Friends


Solar Powered Cidery!!!


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