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Versatility of a Cheese Grater

Updated on October 9, 2017

Any kitchen is incomplete without a grater. A kitchen utility like the cheese grater can find its use for many purposes in the kitchen. Whether you are a gourmet cook or an ordinary one creating mundane or exciting meals in the kitchen, a cheese grater is very useful. This is because it helps in infusing some awesome flavors to season a meal. A grater is not merely used to grate cheese! It can perform the task of a ginger grater, or a nutmeg grater. These ingredients are used only in small quantities and hence only flakes of them are needed in any cuisine. This is why these graters are also called zesters. They add that added zest to your foods.

Multiple Utility

A good lemon grater that has multiple uses should come with a plastic grip handle for safety purpose. The tiny blades in the graters are very sharp and only slip of the hand could injure you. So a good grip handle which is anti-slip would be ideal. It is also necessary that the grater should be easily washable and preferably dishwasher safe.

So if you want to grate chocolates into your cakes and pudding or grate a lemon rind to add the extra tang to your dishes, use a grater that is safe to use and gives you ultimate satisfaction.

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