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Vertical Farming through High Rise Greenhouses | Custom Luxury Greenhouses

Updated on May 22, 2011

Custom Greenhouse pictures of luxury greenhouse, by southern greenhouses
Custom Greenhouse pictures of luxury greenhouse, by southern greenhouses | Source
Custom Greenhouse by Southern Greenhouses
Custom Greenhouse by Southern Greenhouses | Source
Luxury Custom Greenhouse pictures by Southern Greenhouses
Luxury Custom Greenhouse pictures by Southern Greenhouses | Source
Luxury Greenhouse pictures by Southern Greenhouses, custom greenhouses
Luxury Greenhouse pictures by Southern Greenhouses, custom greenhouses | Source

Beautiful and Rare Orchids

Luxury Greenhouses from

Vertical Farming and Vertical Custom Greenhouses

Vertical Agricultural Through Vertical Greenhouse Construction

Greenhouse Construction Promises Change to our Economy and Lifestyle

by Judy Stevens

Greenhouses have been an all time favorite amongst hobbyists who grow their favorite flower, or vegetables or tending to their most recent gardening obsession, but commercial greenhouses are becoming the popular source for "green" or "sustainable" living as the economy changes. Vertical farming with custom greenhouses are a start to the solution to sustainable living.

To understand more fully, many universities and institutions study their agricultural economics by way of their one story greenhouses placed on their campus however, many are starting to build their greenhouses more vertical and less and less horizontal. Reasons for this are simple. Less land means less space and vertical space can be an advantage. For example, hydroponics allow more vertical growing because hydroponics grows without the use of soil and uses pipes and liquids that contain all the nutriants needed for a healthy plant. Organic gardening falls along these same lines with healthier methods of production. As our land and soil become more obsolete, this solution only adds to the positive "green" gardening that exists.

"Eco-Building" or building large high rise buildings to plant entire fields of vegetation is a system that is actually already in process in some countries. In the recent past, many small communities have build gardens on top of building roofs and planted soil on large areas of concrete and grown inner city gardens. This takes advantage of more sunshine to promote different types of vegetation not normally available due to the lack of space in a city, or lack of sun available. This could quite possibly change the what some countries are well known for.

For example, tomatoes are known to grow better in hotter climates. Avocados are also known to only grow in limited climates. Moving up ten stories high, the sun and wind variables change and allow different conditions to exist thus the possibilities for growing different crop is a major consideration.

Besides changing the variables, this also changes the basic industry in a nation. For example, growing corn in Fiji, and using up air space and not as much ground space could change the entire economics of a country. This would save on fuel due to the unnecessary transporting of vegetables from one country to another and also help prevent disease that is prevalent from one country to the next due to the transportation of fruits and vegetables.

Vertical farming is just one simple method being considered today to help the overall economy.

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