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Vertuccio's Pizza Farm (A Little Slice Of Heaven On Earth.)

Updated on August 11, 2014

The Vertuccio Family

Cono & Angela Vertuccio with their sons,  Anthony & Joseph.
Cono & Angela Vertuccio with their sons, Anthony & Joseph. | Source


What Is A Pizza Farm?

Cono and his wife, Angela Vertuccio and their two little helpers, Joseph and Anthony are keeping tradition alive. Vertuccio’s Farms was first started by Cono’s parents Joe and Maria who immigrated to America from Italy. After moving to New York, they made enough money to invest in 40 acres of land in Chandler Arizona. Vertuccio’s Farm is now a little slice of heaven on earth, transformed into a pizza farm that is one half acre circular garden that is divided into eight pie shaped "slices" (similar to a pizza) and produces all the ingredients to make farm fresh pizza!

This article is about a unique field trip to Vertuccio's Pizza Farm

Meet Cono Vertuccio.

Cono Vertuccio
Cono Vertuccio | Source

Wheat Display.

Vertuccio’s farms in Arizona was the ideal place to educate students as well as adults about the farm's segments which produce ingredients that can be used in pizza. The tour which was lead by Mr. Vertuccio began among a display of wheat.

The Tour Lead By Mr. Vertuccio Starts With Wheat Used To Make Pizza Crust.


Dairy Cows & Goat's Milk Make Cheese!

To make a pizza a big must have is tomatoes, in which the juice is transformed into pizza sauce. However The biggest attraction was Lucy, the Dairy Cow. The cow's milk is used to make mozzarella cheese.

Lucy The Dairy Cow.

Lucy The Dairy Cow.
Lucy The Dairy Cow. | Source

Goat Milk Is Used For Cheese And Cream.


Pigs Peppe & Roni On Display Which Represent Pepperoni.

The Pigs Peppe & Roni  Hide Away In Their Pen.
The Pigs Peppe & Roni Hide Away In Their Pen. | Source

The Need For Bees.

Mr. Vertuccio Also Covered The need for bee's as a source of good pollination management during the bloom period of the crops

Bee Careful!


Vertuccio's Farms Had So Much More To Offer! A Fun Attraction For Kids!

  • 7 Acre Corn Maze
  • Extreme Air Pillow
  • Giant Tube Slide (NEW)
  • Spider Web Rope Climb (NEW)
  • Rubber Duck Race (NEW)
  • Mini Hay Maze (for young children)
  • Pumpkin Patch( additional fee if you pick a pumpkin)
  • Pedal Race Cars
  • Barrel Train Ride
  • Farm Animals
  • Bounce House
  • Playground
  • Teeter-Totter
  • Barn House Photo Op

The Mega Slide For Kids! And The Duck Race!


Vertuccio's Pumpkin Patch Is A Sight To Behold! Children Love It & So Do The Parents!


Let's Keep The Legacy Alive!

Father & Son Cono & Joseph Vertuccio.
Father & Son Cono & Joseph Vertuccio. | Source

Vertuccio Farms Creates A New Found Love For Pizza!

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut | Source

Vertuccio Farms

A marker4011 S Power Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212 (480) 650-6606 -
4011 South Power Road, Mesa, AZ 85212, USA
get directions

Vertuccio Farms A Great Field Trip For Kids!

How To Make Pizza

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© 2013 Emunah La Paz


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    • swilliams profile image

      Emunah La Paz 3 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you trusouldj ! Vertuccio's farm is great place to visit. It makes you hungry for pizza afterwards. :-)

    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 3 years ago from Indiana

      amazing hub with beautiful pictures.

    • Susan Recipes profile image

      Susan 4 years ago from India

      Thanks for sharing this interesting hub. Voted up.