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Vitamix Juicer: How to Make Juice Without a Juicer Using a Vita Mix Blender (Vitamixer)?

Updated on September 25, 2013

Health Benefits of Drinking Juice

Juicing can be great for your health, there is no question about it. Unfortunately, because making fresh juice can be time-consuming and quite messy, not many people make them on a daily basis. What few people know, there is an easier, faster, and less messy alternative to making juice with a juicing machine.

I used to do lots of juicing in the past with a juicer (I even started a website about the subject - you can click here to visit - I was so passionate about the subject), but lately I use mostly my blender to make "whole juice" (which are really smoothies, or blended drinks), or strained juice (make a smoothie first, then strain the puree to produce more clear juice).

Making Juice With Vitamix Blender

Yes, you can make JUICE with your BLENDER!

And although any blender might do the job, probably the best blender for making juices is Vitamix. That is because Vita Mix is a truly powerful blender that blends the fruits and veggies into super-tiny pieces. The Vita-Mix's blades pulverize the skins, seeds and peels of whole foods to make them easily digestible.

  • Just put your fruits and vegetables in the blender, add a little bit of water (this is optional, but will make the blending faster) and turn it on.
  • Once the ingredients have been blended into a puree, you can drink it as is, or strain the puree with a cheesecloth or a cotton bag to separate the juice from the pulp.
  • The cleanup is much faster than with traditional juicer.
  • What is amazing, you may get more juice than when using traditional juicer, and less pulp. In fact the amount of pulp I get is about 50-90% LESS than what my Breville juicer was producing.

The process of making juice with Vitamix blender is really easy. To see it for yourself, watch the video below, and start making juices today!

And what about the fiber?

Benefits of Juicing

We all know that we should be eating more raw fruits and vegetables. But how many of us really eat seven servings of fruit and vegetables a day? Freshly made juices provide an easy way to supply the body with nutrients it needs, without the fiber to slow down digestion and assimilation. In order to get the same amount in whole foods you would have to eat so much it would fill you up and you would not have room for much else. A glass of fresh juice first thing in the morning gives your body energy it needs, and is a much healthier alternative to coffee. It is also a great way to prevent cravings for unhealthy foods, so it can help you lose weight and feel better.

And what about the fiber?

Certainly it is best to consume fresh raw fruits and veggies in their natural, whole state. However, most of us consume far too little of these healthy foods. Juicing makes it easy to consume A LOT OF fruits and vegetables, without the need to chop and chew everything, which does take a while!

Surely, fiber is important too; but when it is separated from the juice, your body will not have to spend energy on digestion and elimination. The nutrients will be absorbed instantly, going straight to the cells to do their work.

So, when you need a boost of energy or have any health issues - make yourself some fresh juice and drink to your health!

Of course, making juice with a blender by blending the ingredients and then straining them is perhaps even messier than juicing with a juicer.

So, why not just drink the blended juice "whole", with all the goodness that it contains?

I call these blended drinks green smoothies, and I'm positively addicted to them.

Although juicing is great, for most people green smoothies are better. They are definitely more filling and less messy (and wasteful - which is important when you buy costly organic ingredients) than no-pulp juice.

Green Smoothies - "Whole Juice" Vitamix Photos

Whole Juice AKA Green Fruity Smoothie

Whole Juice AKA Green Fruity Smoothie

Green for Life
Green for Life

"I used to do a lot of juicing in the past but it is very time consuming and really messy. My problem is over since I got Green for Life. Making smoothies is a great alternative to juicing. It is much faster, less messy, and you also get some fiber in addition to juice."


Vitamix Juicer Recipe Video

Carrot Juice


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      successguy 5 years ago

      The juicing ability of a Vitamix blender is awesome! The blender is actually the best in the market.

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