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Volcano Sushi Roll Recipe with Baked Seafood Dynamite on Top

Updated on October 14, 2011

Volcano Sushi Roll with Baked Seafood Dynamite

Sick and tired of having to eat the same old sushi continuously? Consider making sushi with pizazz, sparkle, as well as a remarkable taste bud satisfying blend like my volcano sushi roll topped by seafood dynamite. I enjoy making sushi in the home, aside from the health advantages,managing the ingredients and spice level for every roll. This recipe takes a bit more time than some of the other rolls which I prepare but the result's well worth the effort.

Base Roll: Crab stick Sushi Roll with Cream Cheese and Cucumber

Base Roll: Crab stick Sushi Roll with Cream Cheese and Cucumber
Base Roll: Crab stick Sushi Roll with Cream Cheese and Cucumber | Source

Cooked Sushi Recipe

Components for Volcano Sushi Roll (Base Roll):

  • Nori (½ sheet)
  • Palmful of sushi prepared rice (about ½ cup)
  • Cream Cheese (one thin slice from block extended to the length of the Nori)
  • 2 slices julienne cucumbers (cut to amount of Nori)
  • 2 Imitation Crab Sticks (to pay for the size of the Nori)

Items for Baked Seafood Dynamite Topping:

  • Imitation crab sticks
  • Bay Scallops (steamed in Bamboo Steamer)
  • Salad Shrimp (thawed out)
  • Masago (optional)
  • Mayo
  • Srirachi Hot Hot sauce recipe

HD Video: Make Sushi At Home

Placing the Seafood Dynamite on top of American Sushi Roll

Placing the seafood dynamite on top of the crab stick and cream cheese roll.
Placing the seafood dynamite on top of the crab stick and cream cheese roll. | Source

Best Sushi Recipe

Presentation Tip: The standard square black plate will make the vibrant colors with the volcano sushi roll with seafood dynamite topping really pop!

Before you begin the Volcano Sushi Roll and Seafood Dynamite recipes make sure to thaw your salad shrimp inside a colander under cool flowing water for a few minutes, and to place the frozen scallops into your bamboo steamer.

Directions for making the Volcano Sushi Roll:

Put the sushi mat within the gallon sized plastic freezer bag, so that the sushi rice doesn't become embedded to the mat, making it simpler to wash up later. Lay the Nori seaweed square on top of the plastic covered sushi roll mat. With wet hands put in a couple of prepared sushi rice during the Nori and gently spread to the edges. Flip the sushi rice covered Nori over in order that he rice side is touching the plastic covered sushi roll mat. Next, add the slice of cream cheese, I love to slice it completely from the block and lay it the complete entire Nori. Give the cream cheese slice a pinch to spread out it for the end with the role. Put the julienned cucumber strips next the cream cheese. Position the imitation crab sticks along with your other volcano sushi roll ingredients. Tuck inside the filling while starting to roll, squeeze the constituents down and press them all the while giving it one last roll to seal the components inside of the rice covered Nori. It is vital to get a good closure around the roll when coming up with sushi. This is an excellent base roll for that seafood dynamite topping, but California rolls can be utilized also.

Suggestions to make Seafood Dynamite topping:

Place the imitation crab sticks on your cutting board and press recorded on each having a paper towel to get rid of excess moisture. Cut them into ½’s or smaller, according to your preference, and start to destroy them up gently. They are going to become stringy and almost spaghetti like in form and consistency. Place the crab in to a large mixing bowl. Take away the bay scallops from the bamboo steamer and give them an approximate chop. Add the bay scallops to the mixing bowl. Remove the salad shrimp from your colander and present them an approximate chop, placing them immediately to the mixing bowl. Add mayo to preference. I usually produce a larger batch for several rolls therefore i add about 3 tbsp. of mayo. Shake the srirachi hot sauce within the entire mixture to taste. Stir before the entire seafood dynamite mixture is well combined. The masago is discretionary but Personally, i love the zing that it adds after i am making sushi in your own home. Make certain to include the masago since the final step in order that it does not become too squished inside mixture. Stir very carefully. Place a piece of plastic outrageous from the mixing bowl, pressing in in order that he plastic touches the seafood dynamite mixture, and allow it emerge the fridge for 15-20 minutes. Break up your bottom sushi rolls employing a serrated chef's knife. Each roll ought to be cut into eight equal pieces. Be sure to wipe your cutting knife off between cuts since the cream cheese can be gummy and begin to tear the Nori, pulling the roll apart.

Separate each sushi roll piece on the baking sheet. Once the seafood dynamite mixture is placed, and also the flavors supply mingled place a thin layer on top of your base volcano sushi roll recipe. Understand that you could use California sushi rolls in the event you prefer. Stick the seafood dynamite covered volcano sushi roll pieces to the toaster oven on broil for approximately 10 mins. Creating sushi at home can be quite easy; this particular recipe won't win any beauty contests but the taste just cannot be beat!

Crab Sticks for Sushi Rolls

Crab Sticks for American Sushi Rolls
Crab Sticks for American Sushi Rolls

Seafood Dynamite Recipe

Seafood Dynamite Recipe
Seafood Dynamite Recipe | Source


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