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Should You Order the Boxed Food+Recipe Delivery?

Updated on February 25, 2016
Melissa Althen profile image

Melissa is a certified food scientist with over 20 years in the food industry. New food development and matching are her specialties.

Online Food Delivery - Does it Work?

Wow. I was wrong. You might be wrong, too.

I am skeptical. I am skeptical about food delivery. Have you seen the ads or watched a TV show about these food deliveries that let you make a meal from scratch with food delivered to your doorstep? Yeah, me, too. It sounded too good to be true. But I researched it anyway, and went into sticker shock over the price. Until I tried it.

Mise en Place

I Came Home to a Box of Fresh Food

I forgot I had ordered a box of food. I went out Saturday morning for a long run, and when I returned I found my first box of fresh food.


The Goods

I unpacked my box like it was Christmas, convinced I would find a bunch of second rate ingredients I would never select at the grocery(I can pick up 8 apples before I choose one). All ingredients were pristine, like they were hand selected for me by chefs.


Just enough

I received just enough food to make two approachable recipes. When I say approachable, I mean I am not a chef, and I have children to feed. Four boys to be exact. If I can't cook it, and my children won't eat it, I wasted my money. I was a little fearful about how the recipe would be received. There were a lot of veggies involved.

REAL food

Cooking is FUN?

I actually had FUN making a new recipe. Cooking was fun to me before kids, but lately had become a chore. I was reading a recipe again! I had unique ingredients I didn't have to shop for with minimal prep! Will this turn out right? Will it taste good? Better, will my KIDS eat it?

The Guidelines


I called my boys for dinner, smells of oregano, garlic, onion already leading my boys into the kitchen. I did not have to call twice. Even the ones who hate carrots were ready to devour this homemade meal. My fears over the work and money being for naught were quickly extinguished as they devoured the meal and asked for seconds. I even had enough leftovers to make myself lunch for the work week.



My New Personal Shopper

Success. For the skeptic. Not only was the food delivered overnight, pristine, packaged for safety with brilliant recipe pages I can save, my KIDS ATE it! I can feel really good about using fresh ingredients, minimally processed foods that I cook fresh for my family. It was plenty of food for a Mom and four older boys, with leftovers. I am rating value for the money spot on. Home meal/recipe delivery allows you to enjoy the fun part of cooking while avoiding grocery stores and recipe planning.

Pork Bolognese with Arugula Salad from Blue Apron

More Great Cooking from Home Delivery Service

North African Beef Tagine with Couscous
North African Beef Tagine with Couscous
North African Spiced Meatballs with tomato warming sauce, Summer squash/Castelvetrano Olive salad, and parmesan garlic baguette.
North African Spiced Meatballs with tomato warming sauce, Summer squash/Castelvetrano Olive salad, and parmesan garlic baguette.
Chicken Thighs with Mediterranean Orzo
Chicken Thighs with Mediterranean Orzo
Sweet Soy Chicken
Sweet Soy Chicken
Thai Spiced Salmon with Lentils
Thai Spiced Salmon with Lentils
Seared Salmon & Panzanella with corn, shishito peppers, & Thai basil
Seared Salmon & Panzanella with corn, shishito peppers, & Thai basil

© 2015 Melissa Holton


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