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Water Facts: Interesting and Sometimes Shocking

Updated on August 26, 2015

Some Famous Interesting Quotes on Water


Water and We

We are living in the world of water. Two-third of the world is covered by water. Being surrounded by water we can never deny the importance of water in our life. Our body system is depended on water too. There is no single body process which can run without water. This is why, everyday single day we encounter, learn and create a lot of water facts.

The most common fact of water, i was moved by, was its composition. Water is composed of two gaseous element Hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O) bearing the symbol H2O. In my early chemistry classes I was amazed to think that Hydrogen and Oxygen both are gas but their composition is Liquid! How funny!

While knowing the most common substance (sometimes the most rare substance) of the the word, water, I really enjoyed the water facts. I hope you will enjoy too.

Water in the History

Sometimes it appears to me that water is the DNA of Human Civilization. The water we are touching today has touched every civilization, every man, every woman and every baby took birth in this world. The world history is inscribed in it.

From ancient time, water had been the symbol of devotion, and purity. Many ancient religions worshiped water. Water is the most gentle and most ruthless substance of the world. It had always been tough to control water. History says man tried to control water by making infrastructure. Traces of water wells, stone rainwater channels is first found in the history around 3000 BC where Homo sapiens (Human) started dwelling this world from 200 000 years ago!

Alcmaeon of Croton (470 B.C.) a doctor in Greece was the first man to say that water may influence human health condition. In Greek Civilization water was examined by four senses- temperature, taste, appearance and smell. And, the doctors too considered the quality of water a patient had used.

Our Body and Water

Why we drink water?

Answer is simple- if we do not drink we will die. Our body is composed of more or less 60% water. Every moment our body loses water through dehydration process. Human body loses water mainly in three processes which are namely- breathing, sweating and digestion.

When our body gets dehydrated, it creates sensation of thirst. If we do not satisfy our thirst, we will die eventually. We can live few days or at best week without water. It interesting to know that without food a person can live longer than this.

Now think carefully, `How much time do you spend thinking for food in contrast to thinking for water?'

10 Water Facts that shocks

  1. About one in nine people don't have access to safe water. Statistics say, its about 750 million people we are not fortunate enough to reach safe water.
  2. Everyday 2300 people die just because of drinking unsafe water and poor hygiene condition.
  3. The number of cause for Asian's death is water (unsafe water).
  4. Just in 2014 there had been 16 water conflicts around the world. Imagine the number of conflicts took place form the beginning of civilization.
  5. In every 15 seconds, a child dies because of water borne or water transmitted or water related disease.
  6. Water crisis is the number one global risk based on its impact on the society, as announced by the world economic forum, January, 2015.
  7. The most extensive water use sector is Agriculture (70%), where the industrial sector uses 22%.
  8. On an average a woman in Asia or Africa has to walk 3.7 km to reach the water source.
  9. About 90% waste water discharged from developing countries are untreated.
  10. A simple hand washing by water can reduce the chance of diarrhea by up to 35%. But how many times we wash our hand before touching a food?

How much to drink water?

This is definitely a great puzzle. Some people drink less and stay health, some people drink more and they also remain healthy. Then isn't is tough to determine the the amount of water a man must drink a day.

Human water requirement is greatly influenced by body weight, surrounding physical environment, physical activity etc. Besides these, human water requirement is not just fulfilled by water only. The water content of every food we eat everyday adds up to the total requirement.

Doctors recommends to drink 1.9 Liter of water or liquid substance a day. There is a simple thumb rule to remember the amount of water to drink. The rule is - DRINK EIGHT 8 OUNCE GLASS OF WATER A DAY. Thats it. Take your eight ounce size glass and drink eight times a day.

Is Overdrinking Harmful?

There is a saying- excess of anything is very bad. Thus, excess drinking of water is also bad. Drinking less amount of water than the required causes dehydration and drinking excessive amount of water causes over-hydration. Over hydration is not conducive for human body. It can lead up to death.

Excess water in the body system can dilute body fluid and the sodium level can become dangerously low. This causes cell swelling, loss of consciousness and even coma and death. Over hydration has some side effects too. It increases blood volume, pressurize the kidney to work overtime and can weaken the kidney.

Death by Water Overdrinking

10 Water Facts that amuses

  1. The total amount of water in this world is fixed. It just transforms its state. The amount of water at the beginning of the civilization and the amount of water exists today is same.
  2. The total amount of water on the earth is about 326 million cubic miles of water.
  3. The amount of water you lose immediately after intense exercise is water, not the fat.(lol...)
  4. ;Water, water, everywhere,Nor any drop to drink. This fact is like this famous quote. Water is everywhere. About 2/3 of the world is water. But of the total water we can use only 3/10th.
  5. Water is a great dissolver. Even it dissolves more things than sulfuric acid.
  6. The pH of pure water is 7.0. Its neither acidic nor alkaline.
  7. The amount of water stored underground is more than the water we see on the earth surface.
  8. 80% weight of an infant body is water.
  9. By the time we feel thirsty our body has lost one percent of total body water.
  10. The world has scarcity of fresh water. But 68.7% of total fresh water is trapped in glaciers.

Friends, lets finish this hub with a famous quotation of former General Secretary of United Nations Kofi Anan.

Access to a secure, safe and sufficient source of fresh water is a fundamental requirement for the survival, well-being and socio-economic development of all humanity. Yet, we continue to act as if fresh water were a perpetually abundant resource. It is not.

So lets do what we must.


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