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Ways To Dress Up Blah Turkey Burgers!

Updated on May 23, 2013

If anyone is mad for burgers, it's my family. It's a meal we have as often as we can. But just plain turkey burgers won't do anymore. I've done a lot of experimenting with turkey, chicken and pork and discovered great ways to get even the pickiest and most discerning eaters to enjoy a healthy meal that tastes absolutely sinful.

CHEESE AND ONION: Before patting out your burgers, chop a little bit of onion, whether Vidalia or green onions, and shred a little sharp cheddar cheese. Add to the center of the meat and pat meat around it.

GREEN and RED PEPPERS and PEPPERJACK: Chop green and red peppers and add to meat as above. During the last five minutes of cooking, add slices of Pepper Jack and allow to melt.

GREEN APPLES: This one is best for lean pork burgers. Finely chop green apples, mix with shredded white cheddar and mix into patties.

There are a million ways to top a burger, but here are more creative ways.

VEGGIES: Top burger with cooked spinach, tomato, purple onion and lettuce and peppers.

Bacon and Cheese: Pre-cooked bacon is the best way to do this. I found it only takes a few seconds to heat in the microwave. I like mine topped with the veggies above, bacon, pickles and cheese on a toasted bun.

Flat Bread: Most wouldn't think to use this for a burger, but using toasted honey oat flat bread is a great way to add more fiber to your diet without taking away flavor.

Sautéed ONIONS and GREEN PEPPERS: Give your burger a Southwestern kick. Chop onions and peppers in a teaspoon of olive oil. Once sweated, add four tablespoons of worcheshire sauce. You can add as much as you like but be careful not to add too much or the sauce will be a bit strong. If this happens, just dilute with a splash of water. Cook until tender. You can also add mushrooms to this and top burger with Pepper Jack and slices of red pepper. If you like it spicy, mix chopped jalapeño to burgers before cooking. It'll have slight heat but it won't be overpowering.

There are so many ways to make these burgers and the best way to start is to find things you enjoy. In my hometown, there's a small restaurant that sales the best barbeque slaw and it is absolutely heavenly on a burger, so when I get the chance, there's always a heap of it on my burger.

I've discovered that kids are more likely to eat these burgers because they don't seem like the normal "healthy" meals they usually see.


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    • My Cook Book profile image

      Dil Vil 4 years ago from India

      Interesting hub. Thank you for sharing.