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Ways of Measuring Ingredients

Updated on February 15, 2010


Ways of Measuring Ingredients

Careful measuring or weighing of the ingredients used in a recipe is very important if you want your cooking to have the best results. The utensils commonly used for measuring and weighing foods are: scales, measuring cup,

measuring spoons, tablespoons and teaspoons.

Measuring Tips

1.      In measuring flour, fill cup to over flowing, then level off with a spatula. Some recipes call for flour to be sifted before measuring. Sift on to paper, then spoon into cup. Level off with a spatula.

2.    Refined sugar must be sifted first if lumpy. Spoon into measuring cup, level off with a spatula. Do no pack or tap the sugar down.

3.    Brown sugar must be packed into cup until sugar holds its shape when turned out of cup. Level off with a spatula before emptying cup.

4.    Salt, baking powder, soda and the like must be stirred, then fill measuring spoon. Level off with spatula.

5.    In measuring butter or margarine, it's better to use these equivalents: 1/2 lb. equals 1 cup, 1/4 lb. equals 1/2 cup, and so on.

6 In measuring liquids, liquid measuring cup (with the 1 - cup mark below the rim) must be used to avoid spilling. Pour into cup on level surface, have measuring line at eye level to be sure of exact measurement.


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