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Ways to Make Bananas Ripen Faster

Updated on December 31, 2012
The eyes, and vessels and nerves associated with the eyes, benefit from bananas in the diet.
The eyes, and vessels and nerves associated with the eyes, benefit from bananas in the diet. | Source

Allow bananas to ripen naturally. Why?

As a researcher who studies Nature, I have found no reason why bananas should be ripened faster than Nature would have them to ripen. We humans, sometimes, find a need to "drive Nature," beyond a rate that Nature wishes to move at. This "want" that we have, to influence processes, and rates of movement, that Nature have set in motion, is probably not the best "want" for us to pursue.

Why should we want to make bananas ripen faster? If anyone has a good reason for wanting to ripen bananas faster that "normal," I am calling normal the natural rate for bananas to ripen, then, in your particular case, I do not wish to interfere. I have no right to tell anyone not to make there own bananas ripen faster. Your bananas are your bananas, not mine.

As a serious health promoter, of both people and other animals, I tend to approach foods with the question, "How can I cause foods to be more nutritious?" "How can I grow and provide foods to the public in a way that helps people to grow healthier?" "Does the way I grow foods and provide them to people help them to decrease their risks for cancers, hypertension, diabetes, and other chronic diseases?" "Do my foods give people more energy, in order to run better races?" "By the way, in a way, Life is a race, a race to the end."

Bananas are a precious food. I eat a lot of bananas. I like to eat them the way the great Jamaican runners (even the Jamaican winner of gold metals) eat them, that is, eat them, never too ripe. As a matter of fact, nearly green is better than too ripe.

If one wants to make banana bread, or enjoy eating very ripe bananas, then it's okay. Every person has a right to pursue their own Joys. If very ripe bananas make you happy, then by all means, eat them. Life is short!

Did you know at bananas can taste different based upon what country or what location that were grown in? I find this a remarkable finding. My research into the quality of taste of bananas, based upon the country (and therefore, the trees), that the bananas were grown on, provided me with this information. I am not willing, yet, to share this information with anyone (I have not published it in peer-reviewed publications) because I do not wish to affect the global marketplace, at a time when the market is a bit fragile.

The only reason that I mention this, I have found that the more ripe the banana, the more noticeable the difference in the bananas, based upon locations where they were grown. This is not important to most people, but it is very remarkable to me. Minerals and other nutrients in the soil, maybe the water supply even, may explain this phenomenon.

Now, to answer the question that this discourse was written to address. The best way, and the most natural way to ripen bananas, faster or otherwise, is to set them out in fresh air (not where insects or animals can get at them, inside is okay), at room temperature, and where the sun (and this is a critical factor) can shine on them (light is important)), and you will get the best results.

Happy New Year!

Dr. Haddox


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