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Weber Charcoal Grills Cost per Square Inch

Updated on October 7, 2012

Cost Per Square Inch

I love Weber kettle grills and am always on the lookout for a good deal.One of the great things about Weber kettle grills is that they last forever and can often be found in yard sales and on Craigslist.Don’t be afraid to buy an old Weber as it is easy to get any parts needed to perform repairs.When I am buying new, one factor I consider is how much a square inch of grilling area costs me.

For example, A Weber Smokey Joe Gold typically sells for $40 and provides 153 square inches of grilling area.This means that I am paying $0.26 per square inch.The 18.5” One Touch Gold typically sells for $130 and provides 268 square inches of grilling space.For this grill I end up paying $0.48 per square inch of grilling space.Quite a difference!

I can either spend $80 for two Smokey Joe Golds with a combined grilling area of 306 square inches or I can spend $130 for one 18.5” One Touch Gold with 268 square inches.I’ll spend the $80 for the two grills, have more grilling area and use the $50 I saved on steaks!

A similar situation occurs when you look at the 22.5” One Touch Gold compared to the 26.75” One Touch Gold.The 22.5” costs $150 and brings 379 square inches to the party.By contrast, the 26.75” costs $300 and comes with 561 square inches.For $300 I can either get (379)x(2) = 758 square inches or I can get (561)x(1) = 561 square inches.It looks like pretty simple math to me!

You have to be careful to not go too far with this approach.Taken to the extreme it actually makes more sense to buy four Smokey Joes ($160, 612 square inches) than it does to spend $300 on the 26.75” grill.However in that example you end up having to juggle four grills while trying to feed and entertain a crowd, something I would not recommend!

For reference, the breakdown of approximate costs per square inch is given for all of the Weber kettle grills below.

  • 1. 14” Smokey Joe at $40 = $0.26/square inch
  • 2. 18.5” OTG at $130 = $0.48/square inch
  • 3. 22.5” OTG at $150 = $0.39/square inch
  • 4. 26.75” OTG at $300 = $0.53/square inch
  • 37.75” Ranch at $1,100 = $1.00/square inch

The $1.00/square inch seems pretty steep for the Weber Ranch, but then again, if you are buying a Ranch you are buying the ultimate Weber grill.

Good luck in your grill shopping.I hope this note helps you identify a good deal.


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