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Weber Gas Barbeque Grills

Updated on June 12, 2010

Weber BBQ Grills

Weber barbeque grills are the most popular BBQ is the US, known and loved by millions of barbecuing enthusiasts all over the world.  They are not the best but they are one of the best and most reliable barbecues and reliable companies you will ever d
Weber barbeque grills are the most popular BBQ is the US, known and loved by millions of barbecuing enthusiasts all over the world. They are not the best but they are one of the best and most reliable barbecues and reliable companies you will ever d

Weber Grill Models in 2010

In the last few decades Weber grills have changed very little and by doing so have remained high quality choices. Weber is a name that is well respected in the Country and is home based in Palatine, Illinois. As anyone who has ever owned a barbeque made by Weber will tell you, Weber has some of the best customer service and most reliable warranty in the barbeque world and any other businesses.

While is is possible to buy a better grill than a Weber, grills that are better made are a lot more expensive. Webers' goal has always been to provide affordable products that are better quality than anything else at that range. At the price range of a Weber, there is no competition.

Spirit BBQ Model.

The Spirit line of gas grills is considered to be the entry level grill for the Weber Company. They have a lower price tag attached to them and contain less features that the other Weber models. The size and style of the Spirit models have been the same for several decades under different model names but this is a design proven over many years of successful barbecuing. Recently, Weber acquired the Ducane grill company and started importing Spirit barbecues from the same off-shore manufacturing plant as the Ducane barbecues. Until 2007 these models were made in Illinois under the model name Genesis Silver, Gold and Platinum depending on the type of materials used in their construction. Standard Spirit's are made to meet a lower price point with porcelain enameled flavorizer bars and cooking grates. The stainless burners are still 304 stainless steel with a 10 year warranty.

Spirit by Weber in images

Spirit 320 with a side burner range top.
Spirit 320 with a side burner range top.
Open to a side burner for boiling water, beans, vegetables, potatos, etc.
Open to a side burner for boiling water, beans, vegetables, potatos, etc.
closed the side burner doubles as a shelf for preparation space.
closed the side burner doubles as a shelf for preparation space.

Spirit Model Barbecues

Spirit E-210: This is considered the most basic model you can buy. It contains two stainless steel burners, and a generous 458 square inch cooking area complete with porcelain enamel cooking grates. Beneath the cooking unit is a closed cart that allows you to store your propane and other necessary items.

Spirit E-310: Beyond the E-210 this model comes with three stainless steel burners and an expanded cooking surface at 536 square inches. This model includes an electronic lighting system called a Crossover Ignition system which allows a single electrode to ignite the entire barbeque. This grill also comes with the closed cart and the enamel cooking grates that are standard on the previous model.

Spirit E-320: In addition to the features of the E-310 model, the biggest addition is the additional 12,000 BTU per hour side burner recessed into the left side shelf.  Closed, the area is perfect for preparation and opens to a powerful side burner range.

Those are the standards, the "e" series.  The Spirit also have "premium" barbeque models available.  A premium Spirit has stainless steel cooking grates, heat shields (Weber calls them "flavorizers" and they're patented) and stainless barbeque hood.  All the Weber fire boxes are cast aluminum with a 25 year warranty but "s" series BBQ's have a sheet of stainless on the hood.

Genesis Models

Coming in four standard models, they boast top notch engineering and spacious cooking surfaces. The Flavorizer bars are angled to keep the juices running and directed to an area where they will compliment the flavor BBQ. Each grill is complete with welded frames to deliver the quality and longevity that one expects from the Weber name.

Genesis Images with Copper color grill

A picture does what words cannot with polished accents and a color difficult to categorize as Copper.
A picture does what words cannot with polished accents and a color difficult to categorize as Copper.
Recessed side burner doubles as preparation space.
Recessed side burner doubles as preparation space.
The Genesis by Weber.
The Genesis by Weber.

Genesis Model Barbecues.

Genesis E-310: The basic model for the Genesis grills comes in a variety of colors. With three stainless steel burners and a cooking area of 637 square inches you also get the benefit of having 42,000 BTU output to ensure the grill stays hot. In addition, the porcelain enamel cast iron cooking grates give durability and additional grilling temperatures. On the side, there are two stainless steel food prep areas and an enclosed cart to store your supplies as well as the propane tank.

Genesis E-320: The Genesis E-320 model is identical to the E-310 with all of the same color options and a side burner that adds 12,000 BTP per hour output on a range recessed into the side shelf.

EP Models: The Premium models in the Genesis barbecues have the colors available and the same features and benefits of the "E" series Genesis barbecues. The EP models have stainless cooking grates and flavorizer heat shields and a longer warranty. EP models are only available to dealers who stock and display the entire Weber catalog and offer service to repair the barbecues as needed. Retailers who only stock a few hand picked models and do not carry replacement parts and trained technicians do not have the ability to sell these models.

Genesis S-310: This is the stainless steel premium edition of the Genesis E-310. In addition to all the features of the original model it includes a center mounted thermometer that displays the current temperature. The cooking grates, flavorizer heat shields and hood are stainless.

Genesis S-320: For the Genesis grill fan this is as good as it gets. With a stainless steel frame and larger cooking surface this Premium delivers it all. Just like the E-320 you get the additional side burner, with the center mounted thermometer added as well.


Beyond the Genesis comes the Summit Grills. These are the highest end gas grills offered from Weber. They are crafted for the ultimate experience with features and designs that will match your needs. The Summit models have high-end features and are available as built-in grills for integration in a custom outdoor kitchen. Separate built in tank doors, side burners and access drawers are available with these models.

Summit models by Weber have many features and added benefits we will discuss below.  The biggest change from the Spirit and Genesis models to the Summit models is the burners.  The burners on all Webers are 304 stainless steel.  Even though Weber has slowly been changing their barbecues from 304 stainless to less expensive 200 series stainless the burners have not been affected and the Weber warranty still protects them.  However, on the more popular Weber Spirit and Genesis models the burners come off the manifold on the right side of the grill to mount on the left side of the firebox.  This means the burners mount from left to right.  Many customers find it difficult to isolate heat for indirect, convection cooking with burners that run left and right.  The summit models have a manifold/burner design allowing burners to mount from the front of the grill to the back of the grill making it very easy to use one half of the grill at a time.  The Weber crossover still attaches to the pipe burners but the ignition is integrated into the control knob so the electrode starts to spark when the valve opens.

Weber Summit

Weber summit flavizer heat shields
Weber summit flavizer heat shields
Weber summit grill
Weber summit grill
Weber Summit Built in outdoor kitchen BBQ grill
Weber Summit Built in outdoor kitchen BBQ grill
Weber Summit has knobs in the front so burners run front to back for better control over grill area.
Weber Summit has knobs in the front so burners run front to back for better control over grill area.

Summit Models.

Summit S-420: In stainless steel this beautiful grill delivers the standard of excellence. With four stainless steel burners delivering 48,500 BTU heat, and 650 square inches of cooking space there is no lack of power. When you open the hood you'll be pleased to know there are stainless steel heat shields to aid in the best possible form of grilling. A mounted side burner adds 12,000 BTUs per hour of additional cooking source. With a Grill Out bar that gives you additional light if you are cooking at night and the Snap Jet ignition system that quickly lights only the burners you want to.

Summit S-470: This is the next level of the S-420 model. Featuring all the benefits of the S & E 420 the 470 adds a wood smoker bow with a dedicated burner, infrared rotisserie burner with a flip-up rotisserie spit motor and lighted control knobs.  The "4" burner barbeque also becomes a 5-burner grill with an additional pipe burner centered in the fire box for additional searing heat.

Summit E-Series: Similar to the S-Series in every way with the exception of color choices. Here you can get your dream grill in the color of your choice. 

Summit S-460: This is a built in model of gas grill in beautiful stainless steel. With it, you get a stainless steel smoker box, a rotisserie, and the Grill Out bar for extra light source. It also comes with the four stainless steel burners, giving more than 48,000 BTUs of cooking power, plus an additional 8,000 BTU's of power in the smoker box. With the sear burner you get 10,600 BTU's for an extra cooking space. All together you get 580 square inches of cooking space.

Summit E & S-620: Coming standard with 6 stainless steel burners, and 838 square inches of cooking space there is plenty of room to grill. With two Grill Out lights to monitor your grilling at night, and a recessed side burner that rounds out this model. Also included are 6 tool mounts, the Snap Jet ignition system and the satisfaction of knowing you are working with 60,000 BTUs per hour.

Summit S-670:  This model is the top-end of the line for Weber barbeque grills.  The Summit 670 is a cart mounted grill with the sear zone, infrared rotisserie, recessed side burner range top, flip-up rotisserie motor, wood smoker box and lighted control knobs.

Weber grills is a name that means excellence. For years they have focused on creating durable models that are designed to last. Their products come with a 25 year limited warranty. Some parts and the paint job are more limited with 5 years no rust on the grates, 2 years on other standard parts and a 2 year warranty on the paint job as well.

Old Weber Lifestyle Advertisement.

Weber grilling and chilling.


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      5 years ago

      Like other reviewers, I puarchsed these stainless steel flavorizer bars to replace my rusted enameled bars. After two years of average use (grilling once a week or so during the summer), as I was cleaning my grill I realized that these stainless steel bars are rusty quite rusty, on both the top and bottom. I was surprised, so I contacted Weber customer service about the rust on the stainless steel bars. They explained, and I quote: The flavorizer bars will rust within the first year of use. This is normal due to the amount of abuse they take protecting the burner tubes. We recommend that you replace the bars once they break or fall apart. I would suggest rotating the bars for a longer longevity. Fine. No problem. Based on Weber's recommendation, I assume the flavorizer bars are still doing their job, even if rusty. However, I now believe I was too hasty in replacing my old bars. And, when it's time to replace the stainless steel bars, I may just replace them with the less expensive porcelain enameled bars.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

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