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What's So Special About The Weber Genesis e-330?

Updated on February 9, 2013
Weber Genesis e-330
Weber Genesis e-330

If you have been looking to purchase a new grill, you have no doubt come across various review sites where people are raving about the Weber Genesis e-330 gas grill and may have found yourself wondering what is so special about this grill. Here are just a few of the things that users actually state is special about this the Genesis e-330.


Okay, you all know the saying about beauty being only skin deep, and while this true when it comes to outdoor grills, one can't help but be taken in by the clean lines and the shear good looks of this grill. The fact that it comes in three different colors doesn't hurt at all, as people get more of an opportunity to harmonize their grill color with their other outdoor d├ęcor. You have a choice between black and silver, green and silver, and copper and silver and while each individual color has it's own sleek good looks the copper and silver Weber genesis e-330 really stands out.

Sear Station

One of the things that many reviewers feel makes the Weber Genesis e-330 grill special is the sear station. Let's face it with most grills it is difficult to get a good sear on a steak, but not only does the Genesis e-330 have three burners for even distribution of heat it also has a special sear station that you can really heat up in order to get that perfect sear you have been wanting in your grilled food. In addition, the warmer area is great for keeping those hamburger buns warm or setting those faster cooked vegetables aside while you complete the rest of your cooking.

Front Control Panel and Individual Electronic Ignition

If you hate heating up a large grill just to cook a couple of burgers or even chicken breasts you will find the individual electronic ignition on the Weber Genesis e-330 special. Since each burner has it's own push button ignition you can fire up one, two, or all three burners to cook as much as little food as you wish. In addition, the front control panel makes it easy to adjust the heat while you are cooking to meet your specific needs.

Side Tables and Utensil Hooks

The two side tables and the utensil hooks that are part of this grill allows you to keep everything you need for cooking your meal close and hand. You don't need extra side tables for sauces and plates and you keep those spatulas and tongs and well as those grilling mitts all close at hand.

Propane or Natural Gas

Best of all you can find a Weber Genesis e-330 gas grill all ready set up for either propane or natural gas so that you have a choice of two types of fuel to fire up your grill with. The Propane grill even comes with a special indicated that allows you know when you are running low on fuel.

There are many other features of the Weber Genesis e-330 gas grill, but the features mentioned are the ones that have earned this grill an exceptional rating on most grill review sites.

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