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Grill On The Road With The Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill

Updated on February 9, 2013
Weber Go Anywhere Grill
Weber Go Anywhere Grill

Weber Go Anywhere Grill

Anyone who enjoys camping, picnicking at the park, or grilling at the beach knows that those grill supplied by the city or county or state are often in rough shape and dirty and disgusting to use. Which is probably why most people who like to grill away from home chose to buy a portable grill to take along when tailgating, boating, camping, or even for a day at the park or the beach. For those who grill on the road a lot, the Weber Go Anywhere Grill may just be the perfect travel companion.

Made Durable for Life on the Road

The Weber Go Anywhere gas grill is made mainly of durable steel, which makes for one sturdy grill that can weather life on the road whether you’re grilling at beach, or camping in the wild. You don't have to worry about a few bumps when traveling getting this grill all bent out of shape, as it's sleek design and sturdy materials are made to weather a life of travel.

Easy to Pack

The Weber Go Anywhere portable gas grill is easy to pack and fits in small places. The lid locks double as legs when the grill is in use so that the grill sets flat without worrying about it toppling over in transit. Since the lid locks hold the lid firmly in place there is also need to worry about the lid coming open and getting bent when going over rough ground. In addition, all you need to carry with you is the grill itself and the handy 1 pound propane cylinders. With a charcoal portable grill you need to transport the grill, a big bag of charcoal and charcoal starter, which is going to take up a lot of room.

The Go Anywhere grill also has a carry handle to make transporting the grill from the car to the beach or the campsite a snap.

Heats up Fast

The Weber Go Anywhere gas grill starts fast and heats up fast leaving more time to play and less time waiting for your grill to heat up. Although small and portable this grill comes with a push button electronic ignition so you can fire up the grill at touch of button. Close the lid and the grill heats to temperature in matter of minutes. The faster the grill starts the quicker you can get cooking.

Great For Home Use Too!

The Go Anywhere grill is not only a great grill to take on the road, it works well for home use as well and with the purchase of the adapter hose you can run a 20 pound propane tank for cooking with this grill at home or while camping.

While there are other portable grills on the market and many that are priced cheaper than the Weber Go Anywhere grill few have the reputation of the Weber company behind them, are built as sturdy, or last as long as this little grill.

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