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Weight loss and other benefits of green and oolong tea

Updated on February 9, 2012

The amazing benefits of Green and Oolong Tea

The benefit of Green and Oolong Tea
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Most people who are trying to lose weight will admit that they are clueless about what they truly need to do. A lot of people will simply just do what they have heard in the past or would just try to "eat less" without any idea what's going on with their body. In order to really loose weight, there are things that you need to focus on like exercise, weight training, nutrition and other factors. However, though these things truly help with the process, there are some strategies that you can use to be able to speed the process up and to make sure that things run efficiently. Weight loss with green tea and oolong tea has long been a hidden trick that celebrities use to be able to lose weight. Celebrities losing weight with tea is certainly not a secret anymore and here are some things that you should know before you try it out.

What Is Green Tea/Oolong Tea?

Green tea is simply made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis and they have gone through some oxidation. It is mainly from China and has been very famous all throughout Asia. Just recently has it been popular in the West as black tea is normally more known. The tea has been said to help boost your metabolism and eventually lead to rapid weight loss.

Oolong tea comes from China as well and it means "Wu Long." The tea has several health benefits and Oolong is different from green tea because it is semi-fermented. The tea is said to help burn fat while allowing you to stay in shape.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Oolong Tea?

Reduces Blood Pressure

If you happen to be suffering from a very high blood pressure, then you just might benefit from oolong tea. Though it may not cure high blood pressure immediately, it will still help with the process. However, if you are able to combine a good exercise program and good nutrition with oolong tea, you will see amazing results regarding your blood pressure. A good tip is to drink a cup of oolong tea in the morning instead of a cup of coffee as your blood pressure will slowly go down.

Relieve Stress

Oolong tea also helps people relieve stress. A big reason that a lot of people get fat is because they tend to eat a lot when they are stressed out and depressed. Oolong will help you have a better alternative when you are stressed out and you are tempted to reach for that soda or donut. A cup of oolong when you are feeling stressed will certainly help you to relax.

Good For The Heart

Drinking oolong tea lessens your chances of getting a heart attack and this is surely one of the best benefits that the drink brings. This happens because the tea helps to decrease cholesterol in your body and thus getting rid of extra fat.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Green Tea?

The number of celebrities losing weight with tea have been growing over the years and it is no surprise that this antioxid is now the second most popular drink in the world, only second to water. The health benefits are amazing and they will do more than just boost your metabolism and help you loose weight. Here are some of the other health benefits that green tea can bring if you drink it consistently.

Reduces Risk Of Cancer

Drinking green tea will help reduce the risk of cancer and since there are antioxidants present, it becomes a very effective way to fight the cancer off.

Reduces Risk Of Heart Disease

Strokes, heart attacks and diseases are very common these days and since green tea will help reduce the cholesterol in your body, you will then reduce the risk of getting any heart diseases.

Anti Aging

Green tea has polyphenols and this antioxidant helps your body fight off free radicals which will eventually help lengthen your life span.

Help Protect Your Skin

The antioxidants in the tea will help your body fight off the radicals that often mess with your skin. Drink green tea often and you will start to have celebrity-like skin.

Help Lower The Risk Of Arthritis

The tea helps save your cartilage by killing off the enzymes that will attack it. This then helps lower your risk of getting rheumatoid arthritis.

Help Strengthen Bones

With a good amount of fluoride, the drink helps your body have stronger bones and will ultimately help maintain the density of your bones.

Lower Cholesterol

Just like with oolong tea, green tea will help lower down your cholesterol and help maintain the good and bad cholesterol in your body.

Help Prevent Obesity

Since it will help you lose weight, it also helps people avoid obesity. The drink helps the glucose in your cells to flow better and thus preventing obesity.

Do These Drinks Really Work?

If you are serious about being able to loose the most amount of fat, then you will need to understand that these two drinks will certainly help you. This however means that you must be very strict in all the other parts of the process and you simply cannot just drink green and oolong tea to get in shape. You will need to have a good mixture of these teas with a healthy exercise regimen to truly get the best results. Best is to drink at 3 cups of tea a day.

Overall, there is nothing like wanting to be like celebrities and this is arguably the best way to try to get the bodies that they have. Green tea and oolong tea are now becoming very famous in the health and fitness world so it is important that you start to get familiar with the two teas as soon as possible. With just a little patience and hard work, you will surely be able to burn the fat and enjoy all the health benefits that these two teas will bring. Though you might think that this is just a cup of tea, it will actually go a long way towards living a healthier life.

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      5 years ago

      Great hub! Thanks for visiting my Oolong Tea hub too!


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