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Wendy's | What's With The Square Hamburgers ?

Updated on July 4, 2012
Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers
Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers

Don't ask me why I think about things like this - but I do. What is the deal with square burgers at Wendy's restaurants? Are there some unique properties that a square burger possesses over a round burger? Is it quicker and more efficient to create or cook a square pattie? There must be a reason....

Childhood Burger Joints

Turns out there is a reaon, and it's a pretty simple one. When Wendy's founter Dave Thomas was a boy growing up ino Kalamazoo, Michigan, he had boyhood dreams of going into the hamburger business, and always had fond memories of a local joint called Kewpee Burger resaurant. This burger joint was not like the modern fanchises that we all know and love today, as each location was independently operated and sold their own particular recipes and hamburgers. Well, the Kewpee Burger joint (for whatever reason) sold square burger patties and made a lasting impression on the young boy - something he took with him all the way to the top.

Coke Bottle Shape
Coke Bottle Shape

Square Burgers = Better Branding?

I personally think it's much more than a boy clinging to his childhood, via square hamburger patties. While I think that has "something" to do with it, lets face it, these square burgers have left a lasting impression on consumers... hell I'm blogging about them right now. I think the unique shape to their hamburger patties also goes directly to being a marketing genius, and understanding that his product has instant product recognition. It's the same tactic utilized by Coke, in the manufacturing of their bottles - and you probably never even realized it. When Coke was faced with increasing competition from competitors like Pepsi, they wanted their brand to have instant recognition - more than just the "red" and "white." So they changed and patented the unique shape of their bottles... making them stand out from any other beverage on the shelf. So I think square burgers, equals better branding.


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    • SkeetyD profile image

      SkeetyD 5 years ago from Barbados

      I have also wondered about the square burger thing. And now that you mention it, I have noticed the different shape of Coke's bottles