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What Are Some Foods To Boost My Energy?

Updated on May 21, 2014

Eight Energy Boosting Foods I Like

  1. Green Beans. it is hard for me to believe that i used to hate them as a youngster. Now, they often serve as a quick, pick me up lunch all by themselves! I especially like a bowl of green beans with some fresh diced onions on top.
  2. Green Peas. I guess it is the iron in them that gives me energy when I'm dragging. Love them with a tad of butter and some pepper.
  3. Peppers. Speaking of peppers, I love to grill red and green peppers. They really taste great, fuel my body, and must be better than the meats we used to cook out all the time. This is one instance where the old fashioned way was not the best. :)
  4. Corn. Corn on the cob from your own garden is best but the local farmer's market runs a competitive second!
  5. Strawberries. How easy is that? Strawberries go good with other things but they are a wonderful snack all by themselves.
  6. Apples. My favorites are those tart apples, like the Granny Smith version. Do they really keep the Doctor away? Well, maybe at bay.
  7. Onions. Maybe not before a date with your new girl friend but onions are supposed to be really good for you. Certain kinds can be eaten by themselves. I fondly remember my Day peeling green onions with his pocket knife and eating them in the garden.
  8. Tomatoes. When they are first in season, there really is nothing like the taste of a tomato. They are seasonal and the ones from South America are hardly worth bringing home. Still a thick slice of tomato between a couple of slices of bread is a meal that's light on the stomach and one that'll keep you going for hours.

In Search Of Those Healthy, Energy Boosting Foods!

Yeah, it is easy - but not very smart - to gain some quick energy with a sugary soft drink or a calorie filled candy bar.

That's now what we are after here.

We are looking for good food - not fast food.

It may even take some time and effort to make some of these real foods, but you'll have the energy to actually cook or bake or otherwise prepare. That's part of the trade off.

On the other hand, the foods listed are readily available. You can easily find them at a local farmer market or produce stand. Heck, you might even run across them in the outer aisle of the supermarket!

I'm not looking for exotic foods - like chia seeds or spirulina . What i'm looking for are the kind of good foods that used to be set out on the dinner table. Simple vegetable and fruits like green beans and apples.

It is my contention that we have made the whole food selection process a bit unnecessarily complicated. Weren't those old fashioned meals our Moms and Grandmothers made delicious and good for us?

Okay, you may want to question whether or not the potatoes and gravy and the country ham was all that great but I'm really talking about the boat load of fresh garden veggies that filled large parts of our plates.

That was good and good for us!

For one thing, it was grown locally and eaten fresh. Have you ever eaten something you have just harvested from a garden while still in the garden? I have ( when I was still a kid).

That's kind of what this list of energy boosting foods is all about. Consider it a "back to the garden food list".

I'm not a nutritionist or even particularly knowledgeable in nutrition. Nothing here should be considered as anything more than food for thought.

Simple foods are often the best foods.
Simple foods are often the best foods. | Source

Real Farmer

I would trust this man, wouldn't you?
I would trust this man, wouldn't you? | Source

Farmer's Markets Are Booming!

It's got to be about as important as what you eat.

What's that?

It's where those tomatoes, potatoes, and green beans are coming from. It also about just how far they have traveled and how long ago they were picked.

I imagine you would agree that fresh, locally grown produce beats the shipped in stuff hands down.

That seems to be the consensus. In fact, there is a veritable movement going on when it comes to locally grown fruits and veggies.

I've heard it stated that the average apple contains just about one quarter of the nutritional value of a typical apple of a generation ago. Over farming the soil is the culprit.

Learn from other shoppers.
Learn from other shoppers. | Source

The Best Way I've Found To Shop At The Grocery Store

Have you heard some one say that the best way to shop for groceries is to shop the outside of the grocery store and avoid the aisle?

I believe it is a good idea. It's one I've been doing more and more.

Of course the least processed and fresh foods are typically located around the outside of most and grocery store. It's the boxed, highly processed foods that they can fit in the aisles.

My other tip is to observe the other shoppers. Notice how the fat guy has those soft drinks draped over the sides of his cart? See how the fit girl is mostly putting real foods in her cart?

Observe and learn.

Barbara Mendez, Nutritionist

Don't Feel Tired All The Time!!!

Wow! Let's stay energized!

Here are seven foods to boost your energy, courtesy of Nutritionist, Barbara Mendez.

She tells us that small shift in our habits can lead to profound effects in our health and vitality.

Here is what she suggests.

1. Start the day off with protein. Do not skip breakfast. And do not opt for a refined, processed breakfast. Egg whites or an egg omelet with veggies is ideal. The energy will last for hours.

2. Drink lots of water. Stay hydrated!

3. Do not skip meals! How you gonna get energy that way? Your body needs nutrition in order to think clearly and operate properly.

4. Eat a snack at 4 o'clock. Make it a balanced snack.

5. Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. This is a biggie.

6. Exercise. Have you ever noticed how you seem to have more energy after you exercise than you did when you started? It's amazing how the right amount of exercise invigorates us!

7. Get enough sleep. So many of us don't get a good night's sleep. Make sure you do.

Her bonus tip: Magnesium.

Check out her site at

Go Raw!

Yeah, there are lots of claims going around about eating raw food or even a raw food diet!

I love raw foods and try to include then generously in my diet. Chomping down on an apple for a snack. eating a carrot, or a green onion, or a potato raw just can not be beat, methinks.

Kristina shows you how to start a raw food diet.

But I Don't Like My Veggies!

Personally, I think it's a shame that some folks don't much care for their vegetables. I love 'em!

Well, there are some even I do not care for. But a plate with green beans, sweet peas, and corn is a real treat, in my humble opinion.

Vegetables I don't like? Let's start with beets! Yuk! Never cared for them even though I realize they are so good for you.

Fortunately, there are easy ways for people who do not like vegetables in general and folks that opt out on certain ones to include them in their diet.

One way is to juice your vegetables at home. This is much different - and lots better - than buying a jug of vegetable juice at the local Walmart.

Let's take apple juice as an example. Yeah, I know apples are fruit but the difference in processed apple juice and freshly squeezed at home apple juice illustrates my point in a very visual way.

I used to like apple juice I'd buy at the store. Never paid much attention to the color until I juiced some Granny Smith apples in my new juicer.

The stuff that poured out on my juicer looked so much more like something that was squeezed from an apple!

And the difference in taste was tremendous. I enjoyed that apple juice so much that I could not even think about buying another jug of processed apple juice!

If you have juice extractor try this little experiment on your kitchen counter tops and I think you'll have a similar reaction!

Add to the discussion. I'd love to learn how you boost your energy!!!

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