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If It Tastes Good, Don't Eat it!

Updated on November 27, 2013

What Can I Eat?

Food is always at the top of the many decisions we make every single day. Think about it, we routinely choose what we will have for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner. We even mull over what we will have for all the munchies in between.

For most of us, eating plus the time we spent deciding on what to and what not to eat takes up the biggest chunk of our waking hours. It even pervades our dreams. Try not to eat anything for one day and you'll soon hallucinate about food. You'll even dream about them.

If It Tastes Good…

I've seen Pinterest photos that promote the slogan "If it tastes good, eat it." And I also know about the legendary Jack LaLanne's famous quote, If it tastes good, spit it out."

But thing, I do know is this: "If you don't eat, you die." And that is the truth.

I was watching the early evening news and at the end of one segment, the reporter concluded with this line:"If it tastes good, don't eat it!"

And that made me want to get up and throw up. I just finished half a pastrami crossaint wich. It did have a generous amount of lettuce and tomatoes. It also had pickles, jalapeno and onions and other stuff that aren't necessarily bad for you.

Eat For The Right Reasons

Like anybody else, I do need to watch what I eat. And generally I do. But I'm not going to force myself to eat something that tastes bad just because "experts" are saying it's "good" for me or because it is the latest health food fad. And certainly I wouldn't totally shy away from good-tasting food.

Life or Death?

But yes, unless I absolutely really needed to eat that way, as in a real life-or-death situation. But no, I will not eat anything that I unquestionably do not like and just because of its health benefits. Don't get me wrong, I will try any kind of food, once. And I've already tried dozens of truly unusual and really bizarre foods and will continue to do so. A few of them were surprisingly good.

Healthies or Foodies

I've heard that we are labeled either as a "healthy" or a "foodie". Healthies, supposedly are those who eat only "healthy" food. Foodies are food connoisseurs, well at least in their own minds they are and that they eat only the very best. Let's be real, most are just happy they have something to eat. Me, I'm not any of these, and I am thankful for that.

Why I Eat

I eat simply because it's time to eat or because I am hungry -- which is of course the number one reason why we should eat in the first place.

Sometimes I eat good food, sometimes not.

And a few times I eat because I wish to be transported back to a particular time, place, event or a special memory. And most of the time I eat because I want to spend time with my family or the people I love. I eat because I want to be happy. I eat because I want to live and give thanks. And I eat because I want to enjoy the food.

Why Do You Eat?

How about you? Will you shy away from food that tastes good? Will you eat something that tastes like a piece of paper just because an "expert" says it's good for you?

What kind of a food eater are you? You might be surprised to know.

What Kind of Extreme Eater Are You?

1. Fad Eaters

These are people who follow food fads like they follow the latest fashion or the latest hair style. You can describe these eaters as juvenile eaters as they are easily swayed by the latest food trends and attitudes.

2. Cannot-Offend Eaters

These are almost the opposite of the fad eaters as they will eat just about anything less they offend anybody. Invite these people anywhere and they will do just that -- eat everything offered to them. Sad to say, there should be limits to what one can eat, regardless if you'll going to offend anyone or not. The sad part of this is that, by eating just about anything, they will eventually offend certain people as well.

3. Emotional Eaters

These kind of eaters are far more prevalent than one might imagine. Emotions are very powerful and some people just find refuge in the act of eating to cope with and even to cover up whatever might be bothering them mentally or psychologically.

4. Clean the Plate Eaters

Just as their name implies, these eaters will clean up their plates like hungry felines (cats). Just like the cannot-offend eaters, these eaters cannot forgive themselves if they leave something behind. And like the emotional eaters, there is also something mental or psychological about the need to not leave anything. Or of course, it might just be a habit from way back that they couldn't shake off.

5. Constant Eaters

These people almost always eat at every waking hour. Most times, they do not even know what they are eating or that they are even eating. Ask them what they just ate and sometimes they would even forget what they just munched down. Sad but true.

6. Eating Just Because Eaters

Lastly these people eat only because they need to eat. Many people are in this category for a variety of reasons, but normally they change from one kind of extreme eater to the next, depending upon the current condition they are in.

Say Cheese

Jack LaLanne
Jack LaLanne

So What Can We Eat?


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