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What To Consider When Purchasing A BBQ

Updated on August 20, 2009

Purchasing A BBQ Takes Careful Planning

 When purchasing a BBQ or barbecue, there are many factors to consider. First you'll need to decide what type of grill you want when you are purchasing your BBQ. Do you want an easy to clean gas barbecue or a less expensive charcoal barbecue? Many people claim that cooking on a charcoal barbecue imparts more flavor to the food, while others say there really isn't a taste difference. It really just depends on someone's personal preferences. However, these personal preferences are certainly important when purchasing a BBQ!

The main types of barbecues are the gas grill, the charcoal grill and the electric grill. The charcoal and electric barbecues are generally cheaper than a gas grill, but the conveniences of a gas grill far outway the price difference.

The ultimate party BBQ!
The ultimate party BBQ!

Make Sure You Have Enough Grill Space When Purchasing A BBQ

 One reason that a gas barbecue is convenient is that you don't have to deal with trying to light coals or cleaning up mounds of ashes left by said coals. A gas barbecue is even more convenient because most new models have igniters built right into the knobs. Simply turn the knob to it on, and you're ready to grill. Other great features include a built in thermometer, a raised grate at the back for extra cooking space and the side burner. Side burners are great for cooking food in pots or pans. For someone who loves to deep-fry they're perfect for keeping that greasy smell out of your home.

When it comes to the size of a barbecue, look for one that has a cooking space of at least 400 square inches. This size is ideal if you're just cooking for one or two people, but can also accommodate cooking for a small group. If you frequently entertain large groups, get something with at least 3 burners in it. You can still cook for just yourself by turning on only one burner.

An electric BBQ is ideal for grilling indoors.
An electric BBQ is ideal for grilling indoors.

Purchasing A BBQ Can Lead To An Assembly Nightmare

 If you plan to place your barbecue a fair distance from the house, you won't want to be running back and forth for supplies, so look for a grill with lots of storage space. Some models feature shelves, utensil drawers or extra surface for food preparation. The prices of barbecues increase with each added feature, so only choose ones that you will actually use and save yourself a bit of money.

It's not always possible to purchase a barbecue that is already assembled, so check with the store to see if they offer an assembly service. They may offer one for free or they may charge a nominal fee. Carefully consider if the headache of dealing with all those parts is worth a little extra in price. If you do plan to assemble the grill yourself, ask to see the instructions before you buy it to determine if they are easy to understand.

You can own this unique charcoal Corvette grill for only $2895 US!
You can own this unique charcoal Corvette grill for only $2895 US!

Watch For Specials & Sales When Purchasing A BBQ

Price is fairly important when purchasing a new barbecue. Typically, charcoal barbecues are less expensive; even high models cost less than most comparable gas barbecues. The best way to snag a deal on your new bbq is to shop at the end of the grilling season when all summer products are being cleared out.

It worked for me. I picked up a gorgeous three-burner, plus side-burner model that was regularly priced at $250 for only $99!

Once you've found the perfect barbecue there a few BBQ accessories you may want to consider purchasing. A BBQ cover will keep your grill clean between uses and long utensil sets will save your fingers from the heat whether you're grilling vegetables, perfect grilled chicken or a great cut of beef. So get outside and start grilling!

Tips For Purchasing A New Grill

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