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What To Do With Cake Scraps

Updated on January 14, 2013

Five Ideas to Using Cake Scraps

I've watched my mom make couples ecstatic with her wedding cakes, parents happy with their kiddos custom character birthday cake and special events even more special with her larger than life sheet cake; but my favorite part wasn't licking the bowl ...

It was waiting for that warm cake to come out of the oven and watching her (with my mouth watering) as she sliced off the very top with thread to level the cake out. She was a perfectionist that way but I didn't mind. The only thing I did mind was having to beat my siblings to the scraps.

Warm cake scraps are the best and even though they can look messy, they can quite easily be considered the best part of the cake. So the next time you are making a cake and level it out the way mom used to, consider these ideas for what to do with the cake scraps.

#1. Carefully cut the top off, trying to keep it in one piece. This will make it easier to use the cookie cutter to cut out shapes! The kids will love them.

#2. Cut into squares, like miniature pieces of bread. Spread icing over one slice just as you would for a peanut butter sandwich (minus the crusts) and place another slice of bread on top. Now you have a 'cake sandwich'.

#3. Crumble the cake scraps to use at cake topping or to mix in with the icing. Talk about not letting the cake go to waste!

#4. Pack your lunch and have the cake scraps for lunch - sans the icing. Microwave for 10 seconds and you have nice warm cake but even if you don't have access to a microwave, it's still a delicious treat.

#5. Eat them as they are! Make a movie night or family time out of it. Pop some popcorn, put the cake scraps on a tray and mix up a nice healthy smoothie and you have successfully managed to create great snacks for family night.


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