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What to Serve With Lobster

Updated on October 17, 2017

What To Serve With Lobster

It’s not enough to just serve a well-cooked lobster; for the perfect lobster meal, you have to pair it with foods that really make it shine. Before you can decide what to serve with your lobster, you have to consider what parts you are using and how you will prepare them. The majority of the meat in lobsters is in the tail, however there is also some succulent meat in the legs and claws. It is important to know if the lobster is served warm or cold, because in each case we will serve the lobster with different side dishes.

What To Serve With Lobster

Credit for the photo goes to :  Photo was taken by puttus
Credit for the photo goes to : Photo was taken by puttus

What to serve with lobster: One Simple Rule

There is one simple rule to remember when considering what to pair with your lobster: it’s the star of the plate. When talking about preparing and serving food, it is important to combine imagination and creativity. In order to give your guests something to remember when serving a lobster, the golden rule is keeping in mind that the main event of the meal is the lobster, and anything that served with it must be simple and compliment the meal without taking away from the lobster.

Lobster with Butter Sauce

A classic combination-- that's all you really need!
A classic combination-- that's all you really need!

What to serve with lobster: First Option

There are three main methods for preparing a lobster, and each of them abide by the golden rule that we have talked before.

The first method way to serve lobster is warm with sauce; the simple and most flavorful sauce to serve with a lobster is melted butter. You can brush the butter on the lobster tails when they are warm or simply put it in a small dish on the side. For those of you who like garlic, you can mix some minced garlic into the butter. I find this to be a satisfying, flavorful combination.

Alternatively, you can also put mayonnaise in a small dish and then dip the lobster tails in it. My favorite is lemon juice with parsley. When it comes to what to serve with lobster I simply love
that boost of fresh, bright citrus juice with my lobster tails.

Surf & Turf with all the fixin's

You know what they say-- two tails are better than one!
You know what they say-- two tails are better than one!

What to serve with lobster: Second Option

Let’s talk about what to serve with lobster that is warm and with side dishes. As explained before, when making the choice what side dish to serve with Lobster, one must choose side dishes that are simple and compliments the lobster. You don’t want to ‘eclipse’ the main event of the meal, which is the lobster.

It is good idea to serve it with crackers, which goes great with the butter, too.

Another great way is to serve the lobster with baked potato. Since baked potato also goes so well with butter, add some of the lobster's flavored butter to the potato and it's a win/win situation! Garlic and parsley for extra flavor makes a wonderful addition to the baked potato, too.

Simple steamed vegetables will also suffice for a lobster's side dish: broccoli, carrots or some steamed greens. These also benefit to be dipped in the butter or sprinkled with the same seasonings like parsley, garlic and lemon, but they don't outshine that lobster.

Finally, some people like to go all-out luxury; they give their lobster a juicy steak as a partner. This is known as 'surf and turf' and is served in many fine restaurants.

Fresh Garden Salad- A Perfect Companion

Just imagine that fresh salad with a scoop of cool, well seasoned chopped lobster meat-- a summer delight!
Just imagine that fresh salad with a scoop of cool, well seasoned chopped lobster meat-- a summer delight! | Source

What to serve with lobster: Third Option

When approaching the question what to serve with lobster that is cold, same rules applies. Therefore when serving cold lobster tails, one must make sure that the side dishes are cold as well. Now we have an amendment to the golden rule: keep it simple, and keep it cold.

When thinking what to serve with lobster, especially a chilled lobster dish, is a simple side dish is a green salad-- a necessity, in my opinion. Green salad is very healthy, very tasty, good for your appetite, and goes well with the lobster. A green salad adds something crunch and light to contrast with all that tender, rich, luxurious lobster meat.

Since there are so many different ways to throw together a green salad, you can just pick up some seasonal vegetables at the local produce market. It is very simple, thus making it a perfect choice.

Of course it is great to have them both. Some cold potato salad or coleslaw is also a refreshing addition.

I would also recommend a bottle of wine, if you promise not to drink it all alone.

What to serve with lobster: your next meal could be great success.

What to serve with lobster is a question asked by many. Understanding these simple rules, the task of making a great lobster meal is much more simple and fun. In this article I gave some simple yet tasty lobster ideas, which will help you, when addressing the question what to serve with lobster.

Use your own imagination and creativity to add to these ideas, but always remember: keep the lobster in front by using simple side dishes to accompany the meal.

Hope your next lobster meal is a great success.


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    • profile image

      charles 4 years ago

      lobster is the bomb with a good salad

    • shai77 profile image

      Chen 8 years ago

      Actually they are quite scary these guys :-)

    • thanglynn07 profile image

      thanglynn07 8 years ago from Long Beach, CA

      Omg! Now I'm craving lobster! Mmm...dipped in butter parsely and garlic...

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      Thanks. I've never cooked Lobster before. Always think it might wake up and crawl out of the pot. Whenever I get round to it, I will definitely be referring to this Hub. Cheers. :)