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What To Serve With Pulled Pork

Updated on June 28, 2011

Pulled Pork got its name from how it is done. It is usually cooked over a low smoky fire or a smoker until the meat is so tender that it can be pulled apart by hand. This started from a very old tradition which every region in the U.S. has its own variations of how to prepare and what to serve with this Pulled Pork.

Most people use the pork shoulder cooked at a high temperature (or smoked) until all the fat and tough tissues or tendons are melted away or broken down or until the meat will be as tender that it can be pulled apart by the hand. Often it is used as a filling for a sandwich or some even make it into hamburgers but some only serve it as their main course.

Some serve it on a bun with coleslaw on the side. Some just use it as a filling on sandwiches and just top it off with barbecue sauce. And some even serve it topped on a boiled rice, or what they call the dimsum way.

As the years pass, people have different variations as to what they top their pulled pork with and how they serve it. They say the greens do the thing. But many of the renowned chefs nowadays would opt to mix it with beans and coleslaw. Some people choose to serve it with green leafy vegetables like lettuce on the side or maybe some pickle spears and just top it with a sauce of their choice. Corn on the Cob or Onion Rings are also options for side dishes for Pulled Pork Sandwiches.

This is to balance the different tastes this food brings. Some also loves to serve this with pastas like, baked macaroni and cheese, fettuccini, or even just the normal spaghetti noodles that children would like. The elderly would like their Pulled Pork to be served with a sauce made of as simple as cayenne or paprika or even just apple cider vinegar and just mix it all together so that the meat will then be lightly coated, and “ ready to eat”. Some also would want to serve it with cheese, cojita cheese or Mexican queso perhaps in substitute to parmesan or romano. They either serve it on the side or mix it with their sauce or they can just top it.

Pulled pork in sandwich buns or warmed rolls often have side dishes (optional) dill pickles or potato chips or even just hot sauce, depends on the taste of the person. Mashed potato is also an option to their side dish or they can mix it with their Pulled Pork Sandwich or the Pulled Pork over boiled rice.

What one will serve with Pulled Pork often depends on what one’s stronger taste would be. May it be on pickles, cheese, pasta, corn, greens. But it is often perfect with the greens.

How To - Pulled Pork Sanwiches and Easy, Simple Pasta Salad

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