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What are major quality checks in bakery manufacturing

Updated on August 14, 2012

Bakery product quality can be ensured through robust checks and parameters monitoring regime in fixed intervals . Quality products are must for any business which wants to be in leadership position for long term . Low quality or inferior quality do not help in growing businesses as the competitors would get the disgruntled consumers . More ever the food sectors due to its impact on individual s health has certain stringent laws to monitor food quality hence manufacturers need to be more vigilant on the quality aspect than in any other business

Quality in any bakery manufacturing units can be categorised in following groups

Quality of Ingredients
Process parameters
Packaging - Finished Good - Specifications

Following are the parameters which are important for a quality product in any bakery mranufactuing unit

Ingredients and its physical and chemical characteristics




Gluten %

Bacterial count or load

Foreign body contamination's for flour /fat/sugar

Weight & Quantity of raw materials

Shelf life

Manufacturing date or the Shelf life of the ingredients delivered by vendors

Bursting strength

Packaging details

Sanitation and hygiene standards

Cold room temperatures


Trans fat

Process parameters for bakeries

Dough consistency

Ingredient Storage temperatures

Mixing Time

Fermentation/Standing Time

Temperature during mixing

Dough Temperature

Dividing weights

Wet weight and Dry weights of the bakery product during process

Proving Time

Baking time

Baking temperatures


Dimensions after baking

Sensory checks

Packaging of Finished Goods

Dimensions during packing

Packaging details on labels

Sealing during packing process

Packing defects

Under or excess weights

Functionality of metal detectors

Stacking during storage


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    • pringoooals profile image

      Karina 5 years ago from Edinburgh

      Very informative hub. I wasn't aware of it. It's good to know.