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Best Irish Beers and Alcoholic Drinks available in the USA

Updated on October 24, 2014


Type: Stout

This legendary beer has been around since 1759 and is the most popular and widely drank stout in the world. Its dark Ruby red, thick and settles well in your stomach. If you are drinking it from the bottle, make sure the bottle has a widget. If you are drinking it from a glass, try to use a genuine Irish glass. The taste of this stout depends on how well it settles. Purchasing it in a bar? Make sure the bar man pours it properly. This stout is moody and unless prepared well, wont taste as it should.


Type: Lager

You should be able to find Harp lager in any good liquor store. It is a Vienna style lager which was created by the Guinness company in 1960. Its made with spring Water from Dundalk, Ireland. Some even say that the water is sourced from the Cooley mountains.

Its a tasty little larger, served in a green bottle and best when very cold.


Type: Ale

Smithwick's is a heavy red Irish Ale created and brewed in Kilkenny, Ireland. This Ale is a favorite around the world, and especially back home in Ireland. It is also Ireland's oldest Ale, dating back to 1710. You pronounce the name Smid-icks. I thought I better explain, as I hear quite a few chewing up the name and spitting it out as Smith wicks.


Type: Irish Whiskey

One of the best whiskeys in the world since 1780, this historical alcoholic beverage is the perfect balance for whiskey lovers and someone who just requires on glass of the finest available. It is priced relatively well around the world and should be available in any decent off license or liquor store.

Although the whiskey is created in a way similar to Scotch, a unique process and special ingredients make it distinct from any other whiskey.

Bulmers / Magners Irish Cider

Type: Cider

Many in the US struggle to believe that Cider is drank on tap in Ireland like as if it were a beer. In the UK and many other location, Bulmers is in fact called Magners. If you are searching for it in the US, I have seen it under both names. It is marketed as Magners outside of Ireland to prevent confusion with the English cider, also named Bulmers. This is odd, I know. But to avoid confusion I have included a photo to the left.

The company is located in Clonmel and was founded in 1935. Its most commonly sold as Apple cider, however the pear Magners seems to be quite popular these days.


Type: Cream based whiskey Liquor

This is a world renowned cream liquor, often drank as part of a cocktail or by itself on ice. It first came on the scene in 1971 and its popularity has grown exponentially ever since. It comes in numerous different flavors for different tastes including Crème Caramel, Original Mint Chocolate, Coffee, Biscotti, hazelnut and Orange Truffle.


Beamish Stout

Murphy's Stout

Kilkenny Irish cream Ale

Kilbeggan Whiskey

Tullamore Dew Whiskey

Devils Bit Cider


Please enjoy your Irish beverages responsibly this St.Patrick's day.


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    • profile image

      retief2000 4 years ago

      Guinness is a gift to humanity from the Irish. It may be surprising that the greatest per capita consumption of Guinness is in Nigeria. You can find Guinness in every English speaking country and in many others, as well. Thanks for great hub, featuring many of my favorite beverages. I have also had Tullamore Dew, Bushmills(my father says it doesn't count because it comes from Ulster) and Concannon. Of these Jameson and Bushmill's "Black Bush" are my favorites.

    • Kristinmcr profile image

      Kristinmcr 5 years ago from Wisconsin

      Hey, good idea! : )

    • cfin profile image

      cfin 5 years ago from The World we live in

      @ Kristinmcr, Glad I could help. I thought it may help for St.Paddy's day. Wisconsin also has many fine beers. There's an idea for a hub! :)

    • Kristinmcr profile image

      Kristinmcr 5 years ago from Wisconsin

      Always looking for a new drink or beer to try, this helps! Thanks for the ideas. Cheers!