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What is Argentinean Food

Updated on December 14, 2016

The different types of food in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a very cosmopolitan city with a wide range of foods, restaurants, cafes and bars to interest any visitor to the city, who likes food and drink. We will look at the different types of foods and its origins that are available.


Meat Meat Meat

Buenos Aires is full of Parrillas, they range from the very cheap and basic through to michelin class. A parrilla is a grill, or as many english speakers would call it, 'a steak house'.

Here you can enjoy some great and world renowned Argentinian steak. Some key words to know when you visit a parrilla. A fillet steak is bife de lomo; entrana is skirt steak; vacio is a normal steak; bife de chorizo is a sirloin steak; matambrito is a very argentinian flat steak with peppers. This covers the beef, which is most renowned outside of Argentina. However, there is much more to a parrilla.

You can get cerdo (pork), cordero (lamb) and pollo (chicken). Certain famous cuts are morceja (sweetbread) and bondiola (pork tenderloin). The quality is generally all very high in Argentina. You can also get some great morcilla (black pudding) and chorizo, which are clear evidence of Spain's influence on modern Argentinian food.


Italian Cuisine, Ice Cream and Pizzerias

Argentina has ample Italian influence and immigration. As a result there are many excellent Italian restaurants. Some great examples are Sette Bacco, in Recoleta district, and Circolo Italiano. These are two restaurants I very much enjoyed.

However, you can get great pasta and pizza all over Buenos Aires. They can range from cheap to gourmet. even parrilla often have pasta options, which you can have as primi, like in Italy, or as a main meal.

Furthermore, the Italian influence has brought great ice cream to Argentina. There are some great ice cream parlours and chains for ice cream.

Argentinian Asado

Coffees and croissants

Argentinian cafes are everywhere and you can sit in tree lined avenues and enjoy wonderful coffee, inspired by Italian immigration. The ambience in a coffee shop is very French, with many people reading or merely people watching. There are medialunas (croissants) for breakfast. Tostados (Toasted pieces of bread) with toppings are also popular.

Also, be sure to check out the baked items, in particular facturas (small cakes). These are in many cafes and also in bakeries.

Fish from Peru and Spain

Argentina two largest ethnic groups are Spanish and Italian. We have seen Italy's influence on Argentinean food, but Spain also has great influence. Most people from Spain came from the Galicia region on Northwest Spain, which is the corner above Portugal. This area has large amount of coastline and of course some of the best fish and seafood in Spain. In Spain, Galician food is reverred for their excellent seafood, fish, peppers, cakes and empanadas.

Argentina boasts some fantastic Gallego (Galician) restaurants that serve the finest seafood (mariscos) and fish (pescados). This is a must for any foody visitor to Argentina.

Later immigration to Argentina has been from the rest of South America. There is a large Peruvian community, who have brought with them numerous restaurants. Peruvian food is very spice and fish oriented. You can find restaurants from the michelin starred through to the cheapest local. Peruvian food truly is a treasure of South America.


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