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What is a Cake Sticker?

Updated on June 14, 2011
Amazing Edible Cake Stickers!
Amazing Edible Cake Stickers!

What is a Cake Sticker?

A Cake Sticker is the most amazing decorating tool. You can create beautiful cakes, cupcakes, and treats for all occasions quickly and easily. Simply place edible Cake Stickers on your frosted cake or treat for a professional appeal.

Cake Stickers are 100% edible, FDA and Kosher approved. They are made from frosting is pressed ultra thin onto a backing sheet and the image is produced with edible inks. Photos, logos, and drawings are reproduced allowing you to create edible masterpieces. Cake Stickers are easy to work with, simply peel and place on various mediums such as frosting, fondant, chocolate, whip cream, ice cream, and gum paste. No experience as a cake decorator is needed, everyone can do it!

Apply Cake Stickers to your homemade cakes and treats or purchase pre-made cakes and treats to adorn easily with beautiful and festive cake stickers to create special customized treats that will knock their socks off.

Birthday’s - Place the birthday boy or girls photo(S) with a special birthday message on a sheet cake or round cake with matching cupcakes displaying the photo as well. You could display a different photo on each cupcake. It is always fun to display photos in their younger years, brings back memories of those special times. Make a college of photos from the past to display on your cake for a real blast from the past.

Baby Showers - Use a photo of the baby’s sonogram to display on top of your cake or cupcakes with a message: Awaiting the arrival of (baby’s name), this will melt hearts. Place the imaged Cake Sticker on cookies, wrap in bags and tie with a festive colored bow for amazing party favors. Choose a festive print that matches the theme such as plaids, stripes, and polka dots to adorn the sides and or top of your cake; it will look like a bakery made it.

Anniversaries – Display the original wedding photo for a beautiful memory everyone will enjoy. Choose a beautiful print and display a poem or special message for the happy couple.

The possibilities are endless. You can create anything your imagination comes up with. Best of all, you can save hundreds of dollars each year making your own special cakes and treats using edible Cake Sticker. You’ll love how easy it is to make deserts just like the professionals and love all the attention you will get when everyone is amazed you made it yourself! Everyone will be asking you to create something special for their next occasion.

Check out the original Photo Cakes supplier to purchase edible Cake Stickers at the lowest prices, best quality and largest selection of prints.


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    • Donna W profile image

      Donna W 6 years ago

      This is the first time I´ve seen them. What a fantastic idea!