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What is the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil?

Updated on November 12, 2009
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palm oil plantation
palm oil plantation
palm oil plantation

Round table on Sustainable Palm oil has been constituted to protect the forest land in countries where these forest are being destroyed for palm oil plantation and keep interest of all stake holders in entire supply chain of palm oil such as producers , users , traders and environmentalist for sustainable use of palm oil . Deforestation has taken a serious proportion in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia two of the major supplier of palm oil . Species and bio diversity are endangered due to large scale deforestation .Rush for bio fuel has also aggravated the use of forest land for cultivation of palm trees.This has resulted into green house gases which would impact climate change in significant way .

Palm oil has become the low cost prime ingredients for many products like cookies , biscuit , bread ,cakes, cosmetics and many other food product .Palm oil popularity is also because it is much healthier than other oils.China and India are the major consumer of the palm oil .

Round table on sustainable palm oil was formed by the initiative taken by WWF  in year 2004 .Its headquarter is in Zurich with sectriate at Kuala lumpur .Around 200 members have pledged support ot RSPO .Major companies like Unilever , Cadbury , United Biscuits ,Cargill , Nestle and Tesco  have committed themselves to use RSPO certified palm oil .

Government of Palm producing countries have to implement and support  RSPO plans to make it a success.This movement has to be supported by all big firms if we want tropical forests to survive and people to  have sustainable development.


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