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What is the best wheat free bread?

Updated on March 27, 2011

Something about having one's child diagnosed with over 20 food allergies at age 1 will definitely provide insight regarding alternatives to the Standard American Diet!

When I first started the quest to eat after my daughter's allergy diagnosis, I was a bit mortified. Thankfully, I was already on the path to eating whole foods, but being limited by a diet restricted to NO wheat, milk, eggs, corn, beef, nuts, carrots, onions, buckwheat, garlic, flax, cottonseed oil, sunflower seed, tomato, pineapple, etc. has been an adventure. Since I am breastfeeding, my daughter and I both avoid the offending foods.

A peanut butter and jam sandwich with a tall glass of milk was my absolute favorite feel good snack or lunch. Toast and eggs pleased me in the morning and a piece of bread and jam, well that always hit the spot. Want a roll with dinner? On an allergen free diet, avoiding these foods we've come to know and love can be quite something.

Depending on what you'd like to use it for, wheat free bread is well, wheat free and therefore will come with a different consistency, flavor, and weight than what you're used to. When most of us think of bread, it's soft, great for toasting, nice for sandwiches... just yummy most times of the day.

Then your reality can shift and you need to check out your alternatives: rice bread, millet bread, potato bread, sorghum and other assorted breads, sprouted grain breads, oat bread, spelt bread (beware as it is close to wheat, though!) rice or hemp tortillas, the list goes on and on!

My personal favorite is Food for Life Brown Rice Bread. This bread is dense, nice for spreading with jam, cold or toasted. One could use it for sandwiches as it is slightly sweet.

If you're looking to make a sandwich with meat or veggies, I'd recommend a Food for Life Brown Rice Tortilla (no, I don't own stock in FFL). These are a bit more dense as well, more like a soft corn tortilla than a soft wheat flour tortilla. However, they make a yummy turkey, spinach, and vegan mayo wrap.

About Rainbow Recognizer

Amy Phoenix is a gentle, yet direct parenting guide and healing facilitator dedicated to sharing insights and practices to transform frustration and anger, heal the past and nurture conscious relationships – to appreciate all aspects of life. Visit her at


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    • jenbeach21 profile image

      jenbeach21 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

      My husband prefers the Udi brand of gluten-free bread. They make an awesome frozen pizza crust too. I eat only the gluten free crust even though I don't need to be GF too.

    • RainbowRecognizer profile image

      RainbowRecognizer 9 years ago from Midwest

      Thank you, Thank you, Seamus, I certainly do! Heading over there now :o)

    • seamus profile image

      seamus 9 years ago

      What a challenge to have to give up all of those foods! I wrote a wheat free hub if you need some ideas or a pizza recipe. =)

    • RainbowRecognizer profile image

      RainbowRecognizer 9 years ago from Midwest

      Glad to help, Lora! Breastfeeding through adversity such as food allergies can be a challenge... congrats on sticking it out. :o) I'll be sharing as time and inspiration allows so check in from time to time and please feel free to share your story, too. The more of us who share, the more info. other mothers have available!

    • profile image

      Lora Parks 9 years ago

      Thanks so much for this, I am nursing my 5 month old who apparently has tons of allergies because she had colicy symptoms 24 x 7! We went to an allergist a few months ago and they tested me and said since i'm sensitive to eggs, wheat, gluten, milk, caesin, corn, soy and peanut, that my baby probably was too. So I immediately stopped eating all of those things in October, and within 5 days her symptoms were gone! The diet was really hard at first, especially since we live in Alaska and it's pretty hard to find a lot of natural food choices, but we are thriving now! Hope to see more of your hubs!