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What is your favorite dish

Updated on April 9, 2012

Just thinking of what to write in this blog is making my mouth water. When it comes to food, there is so much to think about because everyone loves food. But what do you find yourself enjoying the most? Do you have a favorite dish? Most of the people that I know and work with can say that have a favorite dish that they like to eat and fix.

I love to eat food but moderately for the most part. I have two favorite dishes and just thinking about them makes my mouth water. I can think of the way that my mom would make it, all the ingredients that she would put in it. I am talking about the first dish, green enchiladas with chicken and cheese, yum, I can just taste it. She always had a way to make really good green chicken enchiladas along with its sides. I would always sit a the table just watching her make it and that was worth it for the most part. One always learns by watching others cook and I am glad that I was able to learn from my own mother. She would always make it with love, thinking of how much I would enjoy it.

Another dish that I really like is spaghetti, I can never get tired of it. Lately, we have been eating it every Sunday at my parents place. I really enjoy spaghetti because the sauce can always be made differently, either with or without meat. There are times you can add chicken or even ground beef. Who doesn't like to add vegetables to the spaghetti sauce? Green peppers, onions, can make the sauce come out good. Now a lot of people may not always add meat, but just adding the sauce by itself it also good. Just imagining twirling the spaghetti around the fork is making me hungry.

Those two are my favorite dishes and no matter how much they are made, I will never get tired of them. They are both so easy to make. Maybe on my next food hub, I will put the recipe on how to make green, chicken enchiladas, doesn't that sound good. What is your favorite dish?


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