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What to Do With Left Over Thanksgiving Turkey

Updated on November 5, 2011

What to do with Left Over Thanksgiving Turkey

So, thanksgiving has came and gone, and you're left with a over supply of turkey. What to do with it? Well, there are plenty of things. You've just got to get creative! Turkey is a great source of lean protein. Although it may have more fat then chicken, it is definitely a good way to switch up your protein intake. Here are some things you can do with your left over turkey to make the very most of it!

Let me start by saying turkey freezes incredibly well. Turkey makes excellent freeze ahead meals. It may come out a bit dry, but you can combat this with adding a bit of juice to your container or freezer bag. So, if you're concerned that you just wont be able to use all of your turkey, freeze it.

Turkey Pot Pie

What a great way to use up your left over turkey. Throw in some carrots and pees, and bake your delicious turkey into a pie. You're even capable of using these for later use. Just prepare your pot pie, and freeze it for later.

Turkey Noodle Soup

This is of course one of the most common ways people reuse turkey. They put it into some sort of soup. With winter coming up, some delicious soups may sound appetizing. Throw your turkey into a crock pot with various other veggies and spices.

Turkey Stir Fry

All over the Internet are recipes for turkey stir fry. If you're sick of the typical beef and chicken stir fry, why not try turkey? Add a little bit of variety to your routine!

Turkey Stuffing Mashed Bake

Why not layer all of your different left overs in a pan, and bake? You are also given the option to freeze this as well! Delicious thanksgiving dinner any time of year! Sounds like a win win to me.

Turkey Club Sandwich

Why not make a delicious turkey club? Or even a turkey melt in your oven? Put your turkey on crispy bread with cheese and veggies. Skip buying over processed lunch meats this week, and take advantage of your left overs.

Turkey Salad

We've all had chicken salad, and seeing as though turkey has the same consistency, why not make turkey salad instead? You can apply this to bread and eat it as a sandwich, or even put it on top of some leafy greens for extra protein. Yum!

Turkey & Rice

Why not lay your turkey over some rice and eat it this way? Protein and grains, a major plus!

Turkey Burritos/Tacos

Much like you'd make chicken burritos or tacos, why not add turkey to the mix? Many people substitute ground beef for ground turkey, but using your turkey in chunks is delicious! Give your family a little twist on a traditional meal.

What to do with Left Over Thanksgiving Turkey

Basically, any recipe that has chicken, you can substitute with your turkey. You've just got to get creative, and see where it takes you. Freeze your turkey and use it for later so you don't have a turkey overload! There are so many different things that you can do with your left over holiday bird. The most important is to simply enjoy it!


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