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What to Serve With Osso Bucco

Updated on June 18, 2011

Italy is truly a place of fashion and food. Why? Take the savory osso bucco recipe for example. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this recipe, osso bucco is a specialty dish from Milan. It is made from cross-cut veal chunks braised using fresh vegetables and white wine and finally added with broth. Delicious enough? Not yet. Osso bucco is often times garnished with gremolata. However, you well know that a complete meal is not a one-dish-menu.

Osso bucco can be serves with polenta. Do not know what polenta is? Well, the word is Italian in origin and the food is also Italian in origin. It is basically made from cornmeal that is broiled to the right level. The cornmeal to be used is usually yellow or white and be finely grounded if you prefer it to be so. Another good partner with osso bucco is mashed potatoes. Definitely the most cliché of all side dishes, mashed potato is still a very good side dish to serve. Its taste may perfectly complement that of the main dish making it ideal for serving with almost any dish. Other side dishes that you might like are gnocchi, ditto orzo, linguini, salads, appetizers that are antipasta, spaetzel, and bacon and onions. You can also serve knead bread with osso bucco or grilled herb polento, and garlic mashed potatoes with osso bucco would be very good. These side dishes are good enough if you are really not planning on an ultra-elite dinner with your loved-one and instead want only some casual-formal dinner. But, if you are not content with these side dishes and you think they are quite simple for your own good, continue reading and you will find out some more dishes to serve with osso bucco.

Milanese food is often served with Milanese food. So, it comes to no surprise that a very well known dish from Milan, Italy is one of the best recipes to serve with osso bucco. This dish is named as risotto ala Milanese.Sounds special? If you are planning to cook osso bucco, especially if the dish you would prepare is the tomato-based version of it, then the risotto is the perfect match.

Risotto is cooked rice dish in Italy. It is cooked with broth in order for it to reach a level of consistency that is acceptable to Italian cuisine. You can use meat-based broth, fish-based broth, and vegetable-based broth if you like. For additional taste, you may opt to include any of the following: cheese (parmesan or mozzarella), butter, and or onion. Risotto is a class of rice dishes which is really common in Italy. It goes well with osso bucco because of its distinct taste that adds and complements the taste of the main dish as well.

There are many more dishes that you can serve with osso bucco. It is only up to you and your creative mind to produce a spunky yet formal dinner time.


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