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The Perfect Snacks to Side With Whisky

Updated on April 27, 2020
Incomplete Research profile image

Alcohol entusiast since age of 18 (my countrys legal age) and self-educated mixologist.

Drink like a drunk or drink like a gentleman? The difference is in the snack you have on the side. The drunk side their drink with nothing at all. But the gentlemen have some salted nuts or a dark chocolate. Maybe a cigar?

You off course don't have to side your whisky with anything. Whisky is perfect on its own. But a snack on the side can surely enhance the experience.

Whisky or whiskey

Before the American whiskey-snarks stands up, I'm going to say this:

Put down your Jack Daniels and learn that only USA and Ireland spells it whiskey with the extra E. In Scotland, Canada, Sweden and Japan it is spelled whisky. And as I'm from Sweden, I'm going with the whisky-spelling (unless I'm referring to American or Irish whiskey).

Spelling it with the extra E in Ireland comes from the translations of the word from the Scottish Gaelic forms. And the Americans got it from the Irish during the immigration in the 1700's.

The (not so) well-kept secret

Whisky are made from any form of grain (malt, corn, wheat, rye and so on).

Beer are also made from grain.

So whisky and beer are made from the same ingredients. The difference is that whisky is distilled and beer is brewed which makes them differ in taste and character. But snacks puts the difference aside and focus on the similarities. So both whisky and beer have the same snacks.

So the stuff that you have to beer also works with whisky. You could even side the whisky with a beer. But don't be that guy who brings wine to the whisky-party. That clashes horribly.


I'm not going to promote cigar smoking. But I can recommend vaping. It's the healthier way of smoking and is way cooler.

But which juice to choose? Continue reading this article to get some inspiration. I would recommend fruity flavors. I have one that tastes like apple-pie that is great.

Dark chocolate

If you manage to hide your stash from your chocolate-crazy partner and kids, chocolate is perfect with whisky. And the darker the better.

Put a piece in your mouth without chewing. Let it melt a bit, then take a sip of whisky. Then chew it and swallow.

And if you fancy some flavored chocolate, shoot for salt, orange or mint.


If you have a friend with the audacity to bring wine to the whisky-evening, the only right thing to do is to steal his cheese and show him the door.

Grab a salty cracker, smear it with butter and take a generous slice of white-mold-cheese.


And it is here that your beer-friend feel at home the most. Some salted peanuts, pretzels or your ordinary pub-mix can't go wrong.

If you have a mancave where you regularly go for your dose of whisky, you may already have stocked up with this.


Bacon, sausage or chops, it's up to you. Barbecue or simply fried is also up to you.

Paired with whisky, it can't go wrong. Spice it with chili, onion, pepper and salt. Or keep it natural.

Smoked sausage

This is probably my go-to snack to whisky. And it works wonder with the cheese. It combine the meat and the smoke into a great blend taste for your great blend scotch. And the sausage alone is a great snack. You could have it to both whisky, beer, wine and vodka, and even your kids lunch-bag (off-course without the alcohol).

If you ask me which sausage is the best, I would say truffle, followed with cognac.


Don't look past fruits. It's cheap and simple. And the sweetness taste balance the bitter smoke from the whisky in a great way. Pear, orange, grapes, kiwi and melon works just fine.


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