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What do you Make with Lots of Lemons?

Updated on October 30, 2012

They say that when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade. Of course, that's what most people think of when they have excess lemons from the tree in the backyard or the neighbor who means well with the bags of her leftover. And lemonade is a great thing to make with your lemons. But there are plenty of other items that you can make when you have lots of lemons and time to do some cooking.

Here are some things you can make with lots of lemons:

  • Lemon cakes and pies. They don't take lots of lemons in each one but you can bake a whole lot of lemon pies at once to use up those lemons. Then you can store them or you can give them away to the neighbors. There are many kinds of lemon pies so you can make a whole array including lemon tarts, lemon meringue pie and lemon frosted lemon cake. (That's right, the lemons can be used to make lemon frosting as well!)
  • Lemon bars. This is a favorite treat and deserves a special notice apart from the traditional lemon cakes and pies. Plus, lemon bars use up more of those lemons than most cake recipes will.
  • Lemon soup. It sounds a little odd but it has an interesting taste to it and will make a unique treat on a chilly night. Egg-lemon soup and Ginger-Lemon Chicken Soup are just two recipes that you can enjoy while making use of those excess lemons. Of course, if it's still summer and you don't want hot soup, you could go with a chilled lemon soup recipe.
  • Lemon sherbet. You don't have to make only warm treats to enjoy those leftover lemons. They're great for that lemonade and they're also great for making lemon sherbet. Variations on this theme include homemade lemon popsicles, lemon ice cream and lemon gelato. Use more lemons than the recipes call for if you want to have a tart taste.
  • Lemon pudding or lemon curd. This is a dessert but it's a bit healthier than some of the alternatives that you can make with those lemons. Lemon yogurt can also be made at home.
  • Fried lemons. Yes, it sounds a little odd but you can add fried lemons to your meat dishes for an interesting burst of flavor. It's a good way to get rid of lemons quickly if they're starting to go bad.
  • Lemon water. Don't want all of the calories of the sugar in lemonade? Add lemon to your water instead to get some of that flavor without all of that sugar.
  • Lemon seasoned meats. You can make your own seasonings using lemon. This lets you even use the zest of all those lemons that you've got. But for an even stronger lemony taste, include whole lemons in the baking of all of your meats. It's especially good with chicken and fish but works with all meats.
  • Lemon vegetables. Lemon goes great with everything from spinach to green beans. You can add lemon to your salad and to your squash. Think about adding it to almost everything you cook and you'll soon find that your lemon supply is dwindling.

You should also remember that lemon slices make great garnishes for the presentation of all dishes and even go well as garnishes on the sides of drink glasses.


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  • Monika Rumin profile image

    Monika Rumin 7 years ago from Croatia

    Great hub, i love the lemon recipes, yum yum!!!:)

  • profile image

    kungchou 7 years ago

    love the lemon recipes, my partner just cant get enough of them

  • ButterflyWings profile image

    ButterflyWings 8 years ago

    This is a great list. It is often difficult to come up with a variety of things to do with any one vegetable or fruit, when it's already on hand. It's easy at any other time! :-)

  • RainbowRecognizer profile image

    RainbowRecognizer 10 years ago from Midwest

    Yum! :o) Wishing I had a lemon tyree in my back yard...