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Whats all the hype behind Mangosteen Fruit Juice?

Updated on August 5, 2009

The Mangosteen Fruit

With our society becoming more health conscious, an increase of nutritional products are filling the shelves of stores. A couple years ago, Acai juice was relatively unknown for us in the United States. Since then, this super fruit can be found relatively everywhere. Smoothie shops, and health stores have took this product and made it into a household name. Now a new challenger enters the ring of super juices. So what is the hype really about? Mangosteen fruit juice!

The mangosteen fruit which is about the size of a lemon, originally comes out of Southeast Asia.This fruit has been gaining its popularity from customer testimonials. Many people have claimed that this fruit is a healer. This is what we known about this fruit -great nutritional value, Vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, Potassium, Iron, and Calcium can be found in a single serving of fruit. All of those benefits are great but are typically not why buyers are seeking out this fruit. Mangosteen is becoming well known because of its anti-oxidant richness and amount of Xanthones.

Anti-oxidants aka The Fountain of Youth aka Where Have You Been All My Life aka I Cant Get Enough of You

Anti-oxidants have swept the entire beverage industry by storm. With huge marketing campaigns supporting it, you can find anti-oxidants in everything. It wasn’t long ago that even the knowledge of them seemed invisible to majority of people. Fast-forward to today, antioxidants are now superstars. With information saying how they combat the signs of aging, it seems like its here to stay. Many people are coming out of rainforests and foreign lands claiming they found some type of fruit that has high amounts of anti-oxidants. The mangosteen fruit joins others like, the goji berry, and acai berry in the anti-oxidant showdown.

What are Xanthones?

Xanthones are a specific type of anti-oxidant that were first discovered in mangosteens. Out of the 200 xanthones found by scientist 40 of them are found in the special fruit referenced by this article. Xanthones are known to go through your body and destroy free radicals.. Mangosteen fruits have both xanthones and anti-oxidants which make many people interested in its health capabilities.

Lab Testing

Laboratory test have been taken and have shown some promising results. One laboratory result showed its ability to stop fungi and certain bacteria. When a testing was done on rats it showed that it reduced the risk of getting cancer in the bowel. There are even claims that is slows certain cancer growth. The FDA doesn’t allow mangosteen distributors to claim that the product treats any illness, so you must rely on others who use the product.

Benefits Claimed

- Boost absorptions of vitamins

- Helps dehydration

- Can be used as a topical to keep cuts from getting infected

- Ant- inflammatory ability

- Reduce bacterial infections

- Can be used for cancer treatment

- Used as a topical treatment for acne

- Helps improve joint flexibility

Mangosteens are not new. It may seem that this fruit is a new discovery for healing but in actuality it has been used for quite sometime by native people in Asia. The taste of this juice is very enjoyable compared to other health drinks you might find on the market. I'm thinking if this juice taste good and may have healing powers, Why not give it a try?

Have you ever purchased Mangosteen Fruit Juice?

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    • alekhouse profile image

      Nancy Hinchliff 8 years ago from Essex Junction, Vermont

      Interesting hub. As a "health nut", I am very much into nutrition. Why is it I've never heard of the Mangosteen fruit?

      You said: "Xanthones are a specific type of anti-oxidant that were first discovered in mangosteens." When was this? Aren't Xanthones in any other fruits (Acai berries and Noni for example)? Why all of a sudden are we hearing about Mangosteen, when it's been around for so long?

      Do you happen to know where the lab tests were done?

      Thanks, Illminatus, for piqueing my interest... Got all excited here!